How to Beat Fell Twins in Elden Ring

by Dealon Brounx
fell twins elden ring

I want to explain you how to beat the Fell Twins in Elden Ring. You can find them in Divine Tower of East Altus, but you can’t get there until you fight Morgott the Omen King. Therefore you can’t come to Divine Tower until you do that. This is merely a side location but is inaccessible until you truly defeat the main boss of the area. It is because Morgott is the second and primary boss of the capital city.

Therefore, you have definitely faced up against these foes before. Especially if you have traveled to the underground shunning grounds beneath the city. Fighting two of them at once is a nightmare, though. You want to give yourself as much light as you can. Especially when it gets to the second boss, because one of the tricks to this fight is lighting. Similar to the four kings in Dark Souls 1, this fight must be won.

Fell Twins Elden Ring Location
Fell Twins Elden Ring Location

How to Fight with Elden Ring Fell Twins

The bosses should be separated from one another as much as feasible. Fortunately, unless you approach it closely, the second twin—the enormous one that appears to be a monstrosity with things crawling out of it—does not do much.

So, if you see it in the distance and it starts to get closer and closer, you should just run away. You cannot be pursued by these two beasts. Even though they can run, unless they are in their grab animation, they kind of can’t catch up to you. You must keep an eye out for these men doing their powerful lunge punch. So you can just slide backwards and expose them to a backstab. The grab animation is fairly quick. The timing for the grab seems to be impeccable.

If you are already far away, your best option is to simply flee. The likelihood is that they won’t get up to you. But because the grasp is so delayed, it can be challenging to predict when it will actually approach you.

You must therefore employ Godrick’s Great Rune for the second one. You must then put on the lamp after your stats are slightly increased. So, in step two, equipping the lantern is extremely helpful. His blade will glow gold after you’ve dealt him some damage, but it’s not exactly useful for illumination since it can disappear.

Therefore, having the lantern on will greatly improve your vision throughout this battle, especially in the early going. The lantern will thus not help you solve the issues in this battle or win it for you, but it will give you access to the information you need to succeed.

Main Strategies for Defeating Fell Twins

So, once you’re adjusted to the lighting, movement, and everything else, the true strategy for this man is that he employs numerous large, lumbering attacks. He does have some combinations, but most of the time he only does one or two hits before finishing. With the exception of the magical abilities that are apparently being cast out of these, either slugs or something else, he essentially uses all the same moves as the first character.

You should actually sprint away from him. Once you realize he is bursting in order to create as much space between you and those orbs as you can. They move slowly. So even after you have rolled through them, they might still inflict damage on you as you emerge from the roll. As long as the sword is glowing, orbs will also emerge when he slams it against the ground.

You have to keep an eye out for those orbs at all times. They resemble that explosion in that they sort of emerge from many attacks. He can take many breaths at once whenever he bangs his blade against the ground. He is capable of doing it three times. If you’re close enough, it’s simple to roll through. Since it’s arranged in the shape of a fan or cone, avoiding it becomes more difficult as you get further away.

The likelihood is that you will be clipped on the back end if you roll through it. It is a little challenging to handle the sword itself. It is because you simply don’t have enough space to roll left or right without risking getting clipped. Enchantment can still do damage even when you have a shield with a 100 physical block rating against this adversary. Particularly this Fell twin, therefore even though you are blocking, keep an eye on your health bar because it might be depleting.

Reward for Defeating

Once you’ve defeated them, you can proceed to the divine tower to activate more of God’s magnificent runes before moving on to the following location.

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