How To Beat Putrid Crystalian Elden Ring

by Dealon Brounx
putrid crystalian elden ring

This is another guide for the Elder Ring. In this article, I want to explain you how to take down the Putrid Crystalian in Elden Ring. First I’ll give you information about where this place is because it’s very hidden.

Where To Find Putrid Crystalian Trio

Once you get access to the Sellia Backstreets you want to go to, in Sellia Hideaway, you’ll see this very peculiar looking gravestone that’s guarded by a very strong battle mage, but just behind the gravestone will be a cliff face. The wall is illusory. You want to hit it to reveal the cave and at the end are the bosses.

How to Beat Putrid Crystalian in Elden Ring

These bosses frustrate me to no end, and it is really unpleasant when all three of them attack you at once while also building Scarlet Rot. It is just incredibly frustrating.

Putrid Crystalians Overview

So with the three Crystallines, you have one wielding a staff and casting a variety of spells that fast and significantly raise your scarlet rot meter. Therefore, the meter will rise with each attack you take.

Next, there is one with a ring blade. It’s not necessary to worry about that one. She tends to keep to herself, but be aware because she occasionally throws tiny, barely perceptible ring blades.

Putrid Crystalian with a ring blade

Of the three, the spearman is the gang boss and will be policing the arena to keep you away from the other two.

General Strategy for beating Putrid Crystalian Trio

So the general strategy is to attempt to kite the spear boss to one end of the room and then rush the staff boss down. Since these are crystalline enemies, they will not take damage until you crack their outer shell with my weapon. It took five full hits on each boss to crack their shells, but once you have the shells cracked,

Then you can pretty much just zerg the boss and kill it very quickly. You will need to keep the same strategy going where you are kiting the spear boss out and then going in for the kill on the staff one. One thing I do want to mention is that I do employ preserving boluses in this fight, which are the pale red or pink berries that you can pick up that will staunch the scarlet rot and drop it off.

You’ve got to make sure you’re being extra careful throughout this fight to make sure that you are either just managing the scarlet roth damage and healing up consistently throughout the fight or doing your best to just completely not have it happen, but once you get rid of the caster, the rest of the fight basically becomes trivial.

I did notice, however, that once the caster went down, the ring blade boss started becoming a lot more active. After five hits of my weapon, the boss gets stunned and then you can go in for a riposte. The fight is basically over. Once this happens, their outer shells crack and they basically lose all poise.

If you’re using a one-handed weapon, you may notice that your attacks are just bouncing off the bosses. If this is happening, two-hand your weapon and then that won’t happen. That does sacrifice your shield, of course, so it’s a pretty tough fight. You do get an interesting sorcery. So if you’re a magic user, maybe this is worth it for you, but in any event, that’s how you kill them.

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