How to Break Ice in Genshin Impact?

by Dealon Brounx
Break Ice in Genshin Impact
Break Ice in Genshin Impact

How to break ice in Genshin Impact? Since its launch one year ago, the action role-playing game Genshin Impact has garnered a player base numbering in the millions across a variety of gaming platforms on which it is available. The game will continue to get patches and new material into the foreseeable future, which means that players will be able to spend a significantly longer amount of time immersed in a fantasy world than they were able to with prior titles in the same genre.

Why do you need to break ice in Genshin Impact?

In one of their more recent updates, you’re taken to a whole new part of the map with sub-zero temperatures and unique items in game mechanics. If you’ve been exploring this new dragon spine region, you may have come across a few, sometimes strangely patterned blocks of ice that don’t melt or take damage from pyro attacks. If you’ve been looking for how to shatter these blocks, this guide is for you. What you’ve stumbled upon is something known as an ancient rhyme. In order to damage and eventually break these blocks, you’ll need to find a nearby scarlet quartz vein, easily recognizable by its reddish color. Breaking one yields one scarlet quartz, which is activated as soon as it’s picked up.

When one of your yields is engaged, your character will have a crimson glow on the screen.

The potency of their subsequent strike will be substantially boosted. After that, you will have a little less than half a minute in the time of the real world to get to the ice block and hit it in order to cause damage. It is important to avoid attacking anything else along the path in order to prevent the power from being activated too early.

What will you get if you break ice?

Don’t worry if you get into any problems or if it runs out while you’re on your way back because the majority of the veins will regenerate in half the normal amount of time. There are an extremely small number that also happen to be pieces of an in-game mystery. Until that particular puzzle is solved, these particular veins won’t renew, and using them may point you toward other puzzle-specific veins to use in the area. While the vast majority of pattern blocks are destroyed in a single blow, some of them could require several hits from a quartz amplified weapon. Be sure to jot down the location of the ore you discovered just in case you end up needing to go back there.

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