How to breed tropical fish in Minecraft?

by Dealon Brounx
breed tropical fish in Minecraft

How to breed tropical fish in Minecraft? So tropical fish in Minecraft are passive mobs, so basically if you leave them alone they won’t do anything. They spawn 12 to 32 blocks away from you. This is pretty normal for all fish in Minecraft, so things like salmon and also puffer fish and cod. They spawn in lukewarm, warm, deep lukewarm and deep warm oceans in groups of eight. Also, they drop one tropical fish in one piece of bone meal five percent of the time and one to two XB, so it’s the same drops as most fish. They also swim in schools of eight maximum. So obviously, if you take them out of water they’ll suffocate and they are susceptible to the impaling enchantment, which is a trident enchantment, like all aquatic mobs.

How to breed it?

You can actually name fishes in Minecraft. You will need to catch them first using a water bucket, then name the resulting bucket atom into the name of the fish using the anvil. The fish retain that name even when released from the bucket, making fishes and axolotls the only mobs that can be named without a name tag. The hot fish will still not spawn. The fish only needs to be cut in a bucket for it to not spawn. Naming your fish is usually aesthetic with a bucket of fish. You can now release your fish in any body of water and they will never respond, becoming an aesthetic pet that you can keep around. You can even design an aquarium tank just like the ones in real life and place your aquatic friends inside.

Why do you need to breed tropical fish in Minecraft?

The other thing that’s kind of interesting and actually sets apart tropical fish from the other fish and actually makes them pretty useful if you want to put some fish into an aquarium is that they have two different shapes. They have 15 different colors. They have six patterns. And then there’s another 15 different colors that are in these patterns. The thing is that this creates 2700 different combinations. If you actually look at these tropical fish, although it’s hard to see, you can see that they all look different.

So if you want to create an aquarium look in your base or somewhere else, it might be useful to just load up on tropical fish and throw them in an aquarium. The other thing that’s interesting about tropical fish is that when you catch them, they actually have a name for them, and basically it depends on their colors or their patterns or something like that.

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