How to Change the Guild Flag in Lost Ark

by Dealon Brounx
lost ark how to change guild flag

The guild function in Lost Ark is share a clan systems with other major MMORPGS. It enables users to band together and form their own community, taking on group content and sharing achievements as they explore the environment.
How to change the guild flag in Lost Ark? In this tutorial, I want to walk you through the process of how to make this. But first I want to talk about how you can actually create a guild in Lost Ark.

How to Create a Guild in Lost Ark

So just keep an eye on your guild tab, which is all to you unless you’ve gone into hotkeys and changed it to a different setting. Go ahead and press alt you and get into our guild tab. When it opens, you can see a list of some of the guilds that you can actually apply to or you can search in the search tab.

Some servers required only 2000 silver to start a guild, but keep an eye on that cost. It might be different on the new servers. You want to reserve your guild name asap. There’s going to be a lot of people playing this game on release, and your guild name might get taken up very soon, so keep a guild name in mind and keep some backup guild names in mind as well.

On that note, you can put a brief intro about your guild or you can lock in that name and then do it later. Once you’ve created our guild, you have a little interface on the left where you can see your banner, your guild name, and the level of your guild. Your guild’s rating and how many members are actually in your guild. At the very bottom bar, you can see your personal contribution to the guild. There are a lot of different tabs for.

How to Manage a Guild

There is an invitation button at the bottom where you can then search for player names or your friends list to invite people to your guild. Note that at level 1 in your guild you can only have 30 people maxed, but as your guild levels up, you unlock more slots, up to a maximum of 100 people in your guild.

Then click the right arrow tab and head over to our manage tab. You actually can personalize your guild flag. Also, you can write up an introduction and detail about what you want people to see, who search your guild or reply. You can change the name of your guild, if you messed up or have a typo and you can also see any applicants here to approve or decline them from your guild. 

After, go ahead and go to instructions tab where you’re going to pick a weekly goal request for our guild. So you’ve created your guild got some people in it set a goal.

How to Change the Guild Flag in Lost Ark

So let me walk you through how to change your guild’s flag in Lost Ark. This tutorial ought to be rather simple.

  • Open the community tab and choose guild. Also, you can use the shortcut Alt + U to travel to the manage tab under guild management.
  • Click on Edit Flag to change the shape and background color of the flag.
  • Following that, you can add up to three distinct symbols from the list. Choose a symbol and then alter the color, size, location, and position of the flag.
  • Your guild flag will be altered at no additional cost after clicking on add flag.

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