How to change your Fortnite name on Switch?

by Dealon Brounx
change your Fortnite name on Switch

In this article, I want to explain you how to change your Fortnite name on Switch. Firstly, you have to press menu and then press support, it should take you to the support page. All you have to do over here is scroll up for a bit and then you should see the sign in button, so you want to click that. Once you click that, it will bring you to a sign in page.

So, you can’t sign in with Nintendo or also bring up a page like this.

You can’t sign in with Google, Facebook or Apple or anything like that. It will always bring up a sign in page. So, what you want to go ahead and do is sign in with Epic Games. All you have to do is put in your email address and password. Once, you enter that information, it’ll bring you up to another page. There you have to verify, if you’re in human being or not. You can done this by like putting in all the stop signs or the buses. Then it should bring you up to a general setting page. You got to click on your name and go down to account.

Once, you’re here, it should bring up a page where you can confirm display name change.

Next, you want to go on the small pencil beside your name and click on it. Once, you’re here you could enter your new display name. Remember, you can not change this name for two weeks. So, if whatever you put in, you’re gonna have to keep it for at least two weeks. Once, you change that, you just press the tick mark at the bottom press confirm. Finally, all you have to do restart your game and you should have your new name.

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