How to craft in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
craft in Fortnite

Craft in Fortnite

Craft in fortnite is actually a system, that has been brought into the game for season six and I can talk a lot about this. So, how this whole crafting system works? So, in order to craft items, you need to just land in any location. There’s not any exact location, where you can do this. I do suggest to land in a named location, get a few weapons and then be ready to leave pretty quickly. There’s no real reason to hang around. So, there’s actually a bunch of different items, that you can craft. They’re all different and they’re all going to require different things. So, I’m just going to tell you the easiest way to craft items.

Honestly, the easiest way to do this is to go and hunt wildlife.

You may have noticed, that hunt’s wildlife is actually a challenge as well. So, you can actually do both of these at the exact same time to get even more xp. So, to get started just land in any named location, that has some woods around it. For example, i chosed to land at misty meadow. What you want to do first is get a weapon get some mats. Just make sure, there’s no one really around you to kill you or just to sneak up on you, after you do that. It’ll only take about 30 seconds to get your gun ready, get some mats and you’re ready to go. So, in order, to craft items, you need to actually have to pick up certain materials.

So, there’s a chance, that you’ll be able to find these materials in a named location.

I know, you can use fireflies for one of the crafting items, but the easiest way to do this is actually just to go and hunt wildlife. In order to hunt wildlife, you really need to go into the woods and go into some of these foresty areas. Eventually, you will stumble across some of the wildlife. so, I got an icon telling me, that there was wildlife nearby. You’ll notice, once you kill the wildlife, that they do drop certain items. You’ll notice, that they drop food and then you’ll also notice a second item, that drops out of their bodies, but that doesn’t go into your inventory. For every animal, that you kill or every different wildlife, that you kill – they’re going to drop different items. It might not look the same.

Pull open your inventory

So, what you can do? Pull open your inventory, this is how you’re going to craft items. You can pull open your inventory and you might notice, that there’s a tab there, depending on what console you play on. If you’re on pc, just scroll on over to that tab and you’re going to notice, that there’s all these different options here. So, depending on, which materials you pick up from the wildlife, that you kill and what weapons you have on you, you should be able to craft a certain upgrade for one of these items.

That’s all you really need to do and actually order to complete this challenge, except you will need to do it three different times or with three different items. The fastest and easiest way to do this is just to go into your inventory, go into that crafting page and then take a look at what things you’re going to need to upgrade. Bone looking things come from the wildlife, gears and things come from destroying cars and other vehicles.

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