How to defeat Alabaster Lord in Elden Ring?

by Dealon Brounx
Alabaster Lord in Elden Ring

One such ancient race literally fell from the heavens and had the ability to manipulate gravity itself. Despite their relatively limited presence, their influence reached even the demigods themselves as their inexplicable mastery and skills were highly sought after. In this article, I want to talk about Alabaster Lord in Elden Ring.

Alabaster Lord lore

The Alabaster Lords were alien creatures who came crashing down from meteorites that peppered the landscape. It is unknown if this was their intention. Immediately after their arrival, these slender beings with stone-like skin displayed their destructive capabilities. They were revered as lords, as stated in the item description for the meteorite sorcery. The gravity stone chunk flavor text seems to allude to the fact that they quickly gained a fanatic cult following who called themselves the Star Callers. Despite their numbers, they caught the attention of the rulers of the lands.

The Starscourge Radahn learned gravity manipulation from his master, who was none other than an Alabaster lord. This variant used gravity magic that emphasized pulling their opponents and wielded straight swords. The Onyx variants utilized magic that focused on repulsing enemies and preferred curved swords. If you take a closer look at their respective weapons, you learn that the composition of the swords is slightly different. The Alabaster Lord sword was forged from a blue white meteoric ore. The meteors and the ore that they contained had drastically varied effects on the push-pull nature of the gravity magic.

Where To Find Alabaster Lord in Elden Ring?

Alabaster Lord location

The Alabaster Lord fight is located just after Caria Manor. So you’re going to do that at that point and it’s a pretty straightforward fight. In my opinion, the main thing you need to be on the lookout for is when he plunges his sword into the ground and starts shooting gravity meteors at you.

How to beat Alabaster Lord with melee?

If there’s a really easy strategy, it’s to just sprint left or right and never stop sprinting. They usually cannot keep up with you. What you have to do is kind of slowly close the gap between you and the boss so you can get in some melee shots. The second it ends, he tends to spam the spell over and over. So you need to get a good handle on reading it. That way you can start evading immediately and you don’t get caught by one of his meteors. Otherwise, these melee attacks are generally pretty slow and easy to read, giving you an opportunity to attack after you bait his attacks. You just need to be on the lookout for his like little purple sort of push move.

You literally don’t even have to dodge, just step back a couple steps to avoid that and the other one is when he like throws a projectile at you, which you just need to dodge. It doesn’t even hit that hard. If you’re a distance away, if you’re playing a range build, this is actually a fairly easy fight. Maybe even easier than melee because you have these huge openings when he’s doing his meteors. You can get in range shots as long as you’re on point with your dodges to avoid the meteors. If you’re using something like carry and slicer, if you can get close to him right when that ends, you can do a lot of damage with Carian Slicer really quickly.

Additionally, this boss staggers very easily. So if you’re using something like Ashes of War Glintblade Phalanx or if you have another skill like Transient Moonlight or something that does a lot of stagger damage, you should be going for staggers on him really quickly. It’s because he can stagger really easily, giving you critical attacks.

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