How To Defeat Glintstone Dragon Adula

by Dealon Brounx
Glintstone Dragon Adula
Glintstone Dragon Adula

In this article, I’ll tell you how to defeat the Glintstone Dragon Adula in Elden Ring

Glintstone Dragon Adula Location

Liurnia of the Lakes’s Moonlight Altar area. If you fought this boss in the area called Caria Manor and Three Sisters, it’s gone. It won’t come back until you’ve killed Astel, the Naturalborn of the Void, right before it. To do that, you need to defeat a General Radahn in the Mistwood Ruins so that you can get to Nokron through Limgrave. Even to get to this boss, you have to do a lot of quests.

How To Beat Glintstone Dragon Adula

So it’s a typical battle between dragons. But the boss now has a new set of skills, two of which are very important. One is a breath that turns into a crystal that explodes and can pretty much kill you in one shot. Get behind the hard rocks in the arena, not the crumbling ruins, to deal with that. If you get close enough, the crystals can sort of go through the walls. You should instead go behind the big rock formations.

Adula’s Fly

The other thing this boss can do is fly really high and make a sword appear in its mouth. This is a bit hard to handle. I say that because if the boss is coming at you on the upslope, which means you’re high up on a hill and the boss is flying towards you, you can just double jump over the sword. You might get frostbite, but you won’t take any damage if the boss is coming at you on the downslope. Most of the time, all you have to do to get under it is roll. Just follow the boss’s orders and you should be fine.

For instance, I had to use a Flask to bring back to life a Torrent. Right after that, the boss did the other follow-up attack where it breathed out crystals. When that happens, you can just hide behind the rocks and stay out of their way. You should have plenty of time to get to any rock formation. If you don’t, try to get off Torrent in time and block or roll through them. They track, so even if you try to double jump with torrent to get around, it won’t help you much. You do need to get behind rocks or get off the path and put yourself in their way.

Adula’s Stomp

It can snap, swipe its tail, slam, stomp with it’s foot, and fly around and slam into the ground in this way. Also, it can take a breath. That is still there. It has everything a breath needs. Of course, they can fly, and they do breathe that way, so be careful. This boss will fly around the arena, but if you get too close to the ruins, it will disappear. If that happens, you can fight her again by walking back to where you first found her. Her health bar will still be the same, so don’t worry.

So you have to keep doing double jumps down the slope and try to hit the player in the head. You will eventually be able to beat this boss, even though it doesn’t always work. It won’t disappear on you anymore, and you’ll get a dragon heart and the Adula’s Moonblade for your trouble.

Adula’s Moonblade

So, Glintstone Dragon Adula will drop a unique sword after her defeat. Therefore, Adula’s Moonblade is a frost magic that functions similarly to standard blade magic. Except that it excels at building up frost and shoots a wave of frost from the blade for a farther-reaching strike. Normally, you have two options for striking someone: the sword or the wave of frost.

You cannot perform both since doing so would result in a tremendous double hit of damage that would immediately accumulate and cause frostbite. Adula’s Moonblade only deals one round of damage, either to the blade or the wave, if it is cast while holding a Glintstone staff in your right hand. However, if you cast it while holding a glintstone staff in your left hand, you will double dip and deal crazy burst damage by hitting both the blade and the wave’s damage.

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