How to do split screen on Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Split screen on Fortnite

Split screen on Fortnite

Today i’m gonna be telling you, how you can use Fortnite on your Playstation 5 to do split screen. So, you will need another dual sense controller to make this happen. Unfortunately, dual shock 4 isn’t going to work. There wasn’t a way to actually load a playstation 4 version of the game on the playstation 5. So, kind of out of luck with that, if you try to connect it using the second screen it just won’t work.

Let’s get into this! When the first controller is into the Fortnite lobby, just as they normally would log in, you want to take that second controller and press the PlayStation home button on it. Once you do that, you will get the prompt to sign in another user and we can just do the quick play function as of right now. We will still have to log in though because once we have that second controller connected, we should see the option to pair the second controller. In my case, I did not see the option, so I actually backed out. You can log back into another game and see the option to press triangle to log in to the second controller. You can hold that and this is where you have to sign in to the Playstation network.

About PlayStation app

So, your friend can either use the Playstation app to log in via the QR code or they can enter it in manually. Then just go ahead and sign in and then select x to retry to sign in not square just press x. When you’ll be able to be in the lobby. That’s really all, you can just start up a game do some duos. Make sure you’re ready up on either one of the controllers and you are into a game, split-screen at 60 frames per second. It just looks really good guys, definitely an update from the features on the Playstation 4 and it runs a lot smoother from the testing that I’ve done. It’s not as glitchy and clunky and low latency, as it once was before moving both controllers around. The map is looking good even on split-screen!

Okay, that’s how you do split-screen using two dual sense controllers on Fortnite with your Playstation 5. Pretty cool and pretty easy! So, now you can play with your friends with ease on Fortnite.

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