How to edit faster in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
edit faster in Fortnite

Faster in Fortnite

I want tell you how to edit faster in Fortnite and also build. The first step is to make sure, that your computer and in-game settings are fully optimized. Installing more fps stretch resolution, also helps with that, because it lowers input delay and gives you better fps, since, there’s less screen. Next, make sure, you’re on performance mode. I use high message, because i hate the way mobiles look. Next, you want to make sure, that you have replay modes turned off to better your fps in game and creative. The next step to get faster is make sure, that you have optimal binds and a good sensitivity. Make sure, you have optimal bonds and that there are no more than two builds to each finger. In order to build an edit, you don’t have to take your finger off the w key. Also, make sure you have a good sensitivity. I like to use a medium sense, but you can do high or low. If that’s what you prefer. Don’t go too low, because then your sense would be too slow to fully edit something.

Want to do to edit faster in Fortnite?

The first thing you want to do to edit faster in Fortnite. When you’re in edit course, is do a lot of edits and not focus on your crosstalk, replacement or timing. It’s because, when doing an edit course, the timing isn’t going to be realistic, because you’re not placing the bills yourself. You have to focus on doing the edits, as fast as you possibly can, instead of focusing on the timing. The timing and cost replacement! This would be a good practice, if you are already fast and you want to get even faster. To get the bases down, make sure, you do something, as fast as you possibly can. Another thing to do, when you’re free budding or doing edit courses is to practice doing the one drill. Then you keep struggling on back to back, you don’t want to do any other thing. Just keep doing the same thing over and over again to get the muscle memory down and get faster. For example, if you want to get faster – doing triple edits, keep going, but it’s over and over again in a row. It doesn’t matter, if you mess up, if you do mess up, don’t go to the side. When i mess up, I just keep going. That’s going to help you get faster and better and get the muscle memory down in the long run. Those are all the steps, i have for you to edit faster in Fortnite.

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