How to farm uniques in Path of Exile?

by Dealon Brounx

farm uniques in Path of Exile

How to farm uniques in Path of Exile? In this guide, I want to talk about farming uniques, but also farming chaos orbs for the chaos or vendor recipe. These two things are kind of blend into the same process in the same idea. So there’s three ways that you can get uniques in Path of Exile. You can have them drop simply from a mob. That’s the way I’ve found most of my uniques simply in the process of leveling a couple of characters up from zero to level 50 or 60. I’ve probably found five to six uniques and you know that sort of 1.5 to two unique spur leveling a character isn’t that unusual. Of course, the gods of RNG can either smile on you and hand you multiple uniques from the same mob or they can give you none in the process of leveling multiple characters which actually happen to be in closed beta.

So don’t be too worried if you haven’t seen any yet.

So that’s the first method. The second method is using chance orbs. I don’t believe I have any. I do actually have some chance orbs. Chance orbs have a chance I’ll have a small chance of turning a white item into a unique, but that depends on what unique you’ll get on the actual white item that you roll. If you roll a white item that doesn’t have a unique associated with it, you can’t get a unique, so you have to use it on things like the Onyx amulet to roll the and various emulations.

So it’s a good idea to do some research on the types of uniques you want before attempting to do them with trance orbs.

The third way is to buy them, so basically save up your currency, get your chaos orbs and GCPs, and buy the uniques you need. So in this video I’m going to be talking a little bit about the process of farming uniques specifically from drops but also getting chaos orbs, which lends into that third way. Seed or chaos orb is essentially one item, one rare of each slot sold to the vendor.

I want to just say that you can’t specifically farm for specific uniques. You can’t really even kill a certain monster that gives you uniques. The only thing you can do to influence the uniques you’ll get and the chance of getting eunuchs is stacking item rarity, which improves the chance of an item that does drop rolling unique, so items like this that drop have increased rarity or stacking item quantity, so items like this or the increased item quantity support gem, or you know, there’s some other unique sand things that do provide increased item quantity and increased item rarity, so that’s that’s the first way of influencing your chance of getting unique.

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