How to Flip a Car in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
How to Flip a Car in Fortnite

Flipping a car in Fortnite can be kind of difficult, especially with this quest where you have to interact with the car to flip it. So that you can flip it back onto its right side might be a bit challenging. Flipping a car in Fortnite is easier said than done, because the car will almost automatically land on its freaking four things, like a cat, which is super annoying.

How to flip over a car in Fortnite?

How to flip a car over in Fortnite

You have to go to Holly Hedges.

Or at least the left of Holly Hedges. You’re going to find a garage here because at this garage there’s a specific car that you’re going to grab. It has everything you need here. It’s also a place where a lot of people land, so make sure you have a gun. You have the car here and you have the tires. If you’re going to use the off-road tires, throw them at the car. If the car has a higher height and you’re going to drive it near the building, you’re going to collect some materials. So, you can build a ramp.

Build a ramp about two blocks high.

I prefer using metal or brick, but you can use any other material. Then you’re going to place a wall two blocks further back. Then all you have to do is go back to your car and flatten the two right tires, or whichever ones are going to be closest to the wall on the sides.

Drive the car up on the left and then flip it and use the back wall to catch the car.

So it doesn’t roll over to the other side and then you just have to walk up to the core and press E to flip it. So, you can stop complaining about how hard this quest was and you don’t have to struggle anymore. Well, Fortnite has a unique car mechanic, so I want to give you a few more tips about new cars in Minecraft.

New cars in Fortnite tips

Some cars spawn on lower fuel. That’s actually really fair. That’s a good way to balance it. You actually have to get fuel sometimes to refill the car, but at least it always has a little bit. Let’s go try out the Lamborghini. Look how fast it goes from like zero to 30 instantly.

The nitro really burns your fuel, but you can control it. So you can turn the nitro on or off depending on how much fuel you want to use. So some cars are better off-road while others aren’t, so I guess the race car is meant for roads, so it goes a lot slower on terrain while the pickup truck or something like the semi goes a lot faster on actual terrain.

Another tip regarding the vehicles is that you can actually shoot out the tires. What this does is it only takes one bullet and it makes driving the cars so much harder. You basically have no control over your turns.
You can refill twice as fast by using two people at once. That’s an awesome new tip if you have a duo refill at the same time to refill faster.

I just learned that the gas cans can fit on all vehicles and not just pick-up trucks, so a huge shout out to him and be sure to tell your friends.

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