How to get a Fortnite creator code?

by Dealon Brounx
Fortnite creator code

How to get a Fortnite creator code? First of all, the support-a-creator program has been down for so long, but finally it is back up. So, what’s the difference, what is new in this support-a-creator program? Well, they say, there’s a refreshed dashboard, a new automated application process, which is super important. Also, there’s an automated social gift and an automated security or fraud checks for social and payment methods.

So, as i mentioned, the new automated application process is super important.

This makes getting the code, so much easier and so much quicker. You can see, how many people you have using your Fortnite creator code and how much money you have earned. Basically, it just looks more clean, than before. Prospective creators can once again apply for the program membership. If you want to know, how to apply or what the requirements are, i will go over that. It is super important, because this will determine what your code actually is.

Before this update, you could actually choose your own support-a-creator name. So, before you basically choose three options, then Epic Games chooses one of them. Now, this is way different! Your code will be your username. It says your Fortnite creator code will be automatically generated, based on your current Epic Games display name. Whatever your Epic Games display name is, that will be your code. There are a few things, that you can do, if you want to change that.

How to change it?

By the way, if your display name has some special characters, they will remove them and put a random number at the end of your code. If your username with a special character at the end, it will replace that character at the end. What if you don’t want your code to be your username? It have two options. You can go to the Epic Games website, click on accounts and then change your display name. Make sure, you do that before you actually apply for the creator code.

What if the username is taken, that you want to use? Well, there’s another thing, that you can do. You have to contact them, if you want to change your code. go to the help section, scroll down and then click contact us. make sure to include three codes, that you want to use. Basically, they need three options, that they can use. If one is taken, they can go down to number two or number three.

How you can get the Fortnite creator code by yourself?

You have to be at least 13 years or older, have 1 000 followers on a social media platform and then follow their rules. If you will click, you will see, that you have to be 18 or older. If you want to apply by yourself or if you’re under your team, then you have to have your parents with you, which they will help you apply as well. You have to enter your parent’s name. After that, you can connect your pages, your social media to your Epic Games account.

Make sure, that approved platforms have mainly Fortnite content. If you only upload one video of Fortnite, it will not count. Your main focus on those platforms should be on Fortnite. So, copy paste your social media url, go down and then select your language, your country and your city.

What you can do to keep your support-a-creator?

They can take it really easily. If you don’t earn 100 within a year of having your code, then your code will be taken. Make sure, that you do reset 100 within a year, if you actually want to keep your code. Also, you have 60 days to complete a payment setup process. Just set up your bank accounts to your code. Of course, if you don’t have one just ask your parents and then you should be fine.

One last thing. If you have a Fortnite creator code already, then they will merge the existing accounts to the 2.0 system. You’ll get an email about that and you simply follow the instructions within the email.

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