How to get a Scute in Minecraft?

by Dealon Brounx
How to get a Scute in Minecraft

How to get a Scute in Minecraft? I want to talk about scute. Yes, scute. Not just how to get it in Minecraft, but also what it’s used for. It’s not just a fun word to say, but it has a bunch of different purposes.

So you’re probably wondering how scutes are obtained in Minecraft.

Well, in Minecraft, the only way to get them is through those little guys. So basically, when baby turtles grow into adults, they drop one scute and that’s the only way you can get scutes in Minecraft. If you kill a turtle, it won’t drop scutes, it will just drop grass and bowls. So if you want a lot of scute, you have to build a scoop farm with these turtles. So your pilot is to build a giant turtle farm.

The items you can create with scutes or you turtle shell 

So it takes five scutes to create one turtle shell and that’s the only scute armor in the game, so what this does is it similar to iron chain and cold helmets. It has the same amount of armor. It has two defense points and it has 276 durability. The only thing that he has more of is diamond helmets. What else can it do also? If you want to combine two turtle shells, so if you have two damaged ones, you can just put them in a crafting table like this and it will create another one. What it will do is it’ll add the durability of this one to this one and it’ll add five percent more durability on top.

The other effect of these turtle shells is that they look awesome

Really awesome, but they also give ten seconds of water breathing. So what that does is if you enchant it with respiration to the maximum level, it gives you about seventy seconds of breathing underwater, which is pretty good if you don’t have a conduit, and basically it also enchants with every other eye enchantment that you use for helmets, so blast protection, fire protection, projectile defense, aqua affinity, cursive vanishing and mending. It’s definitely a useful item if you plan to breathe underwater, and you can also use it in a brewing stand.

So how this works is you put it there and you put an awkward potion in, so it’s brewing, and what it creates is the master of turtle potion. I think that’s the right name, the potion of the turtle master. So what that does is it gives you slowness for and resistance for three, four, twenty, or forty seconds or it gives you the master of the turtle potion, which gives you 20 seconds of slowness and resistance.

Can you trade scutes?

So clerics will trade scutes for emeralds, and at expert level they have a 66% chance of producing a trade that’ll be four scutes for one emerald. And also, oddly enough, it’s not just clerics that’ll do a trade like that, so leather workers will also do a trade like that. When they level up to expert level, they’ll have a sack rate of four scoops for one emerald. So if you really hate scutes or you have a ski farm and don’t want turtle shells anymore, leather workers will always give you a trade of four emeralds. that is everything that you need to know about how to get a scute in Minecraft.

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