How to Get Adept Craft Kit in Lost Ark

by Dealon Brounx
adept craft kit lost ark

In this article, I want to talk about how to get the adept craft kit in Lost Ark. There are a few versions of this craft kit in Lost Ark, but I want to focus on this one.

How to Get Adept Craft Kit in Lost Ark

The question now is: how can one acquire these craft kits? There are far too many different approaches. The first approach comes, not surprisingly, from the auction house itself. Although it is not difficult to acquire through the auction house, I do not suggest doing so due to the fact that the price has just skyrocketed. You are free to visit the public auction house. In the European edition, it was referred to by a different name; nevertheless, this does not imply that you can search for it till you locate it.

You will notice that in fact you have the option to purchase either the epic one or the rare one. The epic one can be purchased for a low price on the Russian server, whilst the rare one can be purchased for a high price on the EU server. the legendary one, which can be purchased for 6000 gold and is extremely pricey in this location. I am aware of the fact that one is really pricey, however this is due to the fact that it is extremely difficult to locate one.

There is yet another technique to achieve this, and it is one that is far simpler. Therefore, it is possible to craft maps. You will discover that you have the ability to craft maps if you head to the workshop and look at any special materials you have. All of this is doable, by the way, but in order to fulfill a prerequisite for crafting, you need to be at level two of the crafting workshop and complete a crafting method of your choice in the laboratory. In the laboratory, any and all of these can be connected.

If you wish to obtain a different kind of map, the standard procedure is to go to the craft method and select treasure map. If you do that, you’ll see a map of level 2, which you can, of course, just make yourself. It’s quite simple. You simply need 105 gold, after which you can get wood and stone. You only need to do that, and then you will be able to create the map. Therefore, you can acquire that stuff by either following a map or carrying out some excavating.

The other methods to obtain Adept Craft Kit in Lost Ark

Archaeology and excavation are two other methods that can be used. Archaeology is the term that’s used for it on Russian servers. It appears that loot hunters are a viable source for obtaining these. Things like these are actually possible to find while you are working with the excavation. During the course of a productive excavation, you should be able to locate the chest. When you reach level 10, if you complete an excavation with success, you will have the opportunity to uncover a treasure hunter chest. In a a treasure hunter chest you will find the adept craft kit

Inside the dungeon, you will also be able to find the adept craft kit. You will discover a chest once you enter the dungeon. As a side note, this is the identical chest that you can find outdoors from the treasure hunter. However, as I previously mentioned, it is quite difficult to locate. The only thing left to do when you get to the dungeon is open the chest. You might wind up with a legendary one if you’re very fortunate. Additionally, there are instances when you are able to sample one, and as this particular one can be treated, you may actually sell it in the auction house. During that process, you will also receive another reverse item, which is the sun crystal.

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