How to get apples in Minecraft?

by Dealon Brounx
How to get apples in Minecraft

How to get apples in Minecraft? I want to discuss how to get apples, the uses of apples, and also the golden apple. 

So, how to get apples in Minecraft?

The first way to get apples is from oak and dark oak leaves. The oak tree is one of the most common trees found in the game and dark oak is only found in the dark forest biome. When these leaves are broken or decay, there is a 0.5 chance to drop an apple. The leaves will decay when they are not in contact with an oak log or are connected to a leaf that is within five blocks of an oak log. The chance of getting apples can be increased with the Fortune enchantment. The maximum level of fortune is three. With the Fortune 3 enchantment, your chances can increase from 0.5 percent to 0.83 percent. The fortune enchantment can be put on pickaxes, shovels, axes, and hoes, the default tool that will break leaves.

The quickest is the hoe. The fortune enchantment is incompatible with the so-touch enchantment, which drops the block instead of breaking it. Although it would be easier to get leaves with shears instead of with the silk touch enchanted tool, the apple is the rarest drop from the leaves and with no enchantment it could take 200 leaves to decay to get one apple.

Other ways to get apples in Minecraft.

Apples can also be found in some loot chests. One to three apples can be found in the igloo chest, stronghold altered chest, stronghold storeroom chest, village weapon smith’s chest between 33.2 and 70.4 percent chance. The village plan’s house chest can have one to five apples at a 74.2 percent chance. These loot chests aren’t the best way to get apples; it is more of a bonus to get these apples from these chests when you come across them.

The last way is by villager trading. The farmer villager at the apprentice level or the second level has a 66.7 percent chance in the Java Edition. It has a 50 in the Bedrock Edition of having a trade of an emerald for four apples, which will be disabled after 16 trades. This is the best way to get apples. Also, the price is the lowest it can be. So, you don’t have to cure the villager to lower the price. What does the apple do in Minecraft? The apple can be eaten to restore 4 hunger points and 2.4 saturation.

Why do you need apples?

As a food, apples provide as much value as carrots and are better than raw meats but less than cooked beans. The apple can also be placed in the composter and has a 65 chance to increase the compost level by one. The composter, when it reaches level seven, will go to level eight and produce one piece of bone meal. The only crafting recipe for the apple is an apple, and eight gold ingots can be crafted into a golden apple.

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