How to get ascendancy points in Path of Exile?

by Dealon Brounx
ascendancy points in Path of Exile

How to get ascendancy points in Path of Exile? In this article, I want to do this and how to unlock Ascendancy class. Step one: complete the six trials of ascendancy scattered throughout Wraeclast. Each of these trials works as a mini gauntlet type of challenge where you have to pass through a small area filled with traps, all unique to their respective six locations. Then at the end, you need to pick a stone table to complete the trial.

So where can you find these trials? The first ascendency trial can be located in act one in the lower prison located here on the map. The second and third are both found in x2. The first one in the chamber since level two is located here and then the crypt level one which is located down here. Now you only have three more left to find and the first of these can be located in the crematorium, one of the first songs, located over here.

Then for the next one, you have to find it in the catacombs where the entrance to this place can be found in the market place.

Finally, the last one can be found in the hedge maze. The entrance can be found in the imperial gardens. Once you have completed all six trials, the Lord’s labyrinth will open up in the Sun encampment below the statue and this takes us to step through pass through the labyrinth. It is your goal to go from this place to somewhere over here at this place. The labyrinth itself is filled with traps, secret doors. Monsters that you will have to survive. To reach the end of the labyrinth, you will also have to face Emperor He sorrow three times. If you manage to beat him the final and third time, you will gain access to the final area of the zone, the treasure room.

This takes us to step three.

Basically, all you have to do now is use your treasure key you obtained from your sorrow on one of the strong boxes to get some loot, then get your enchantment via your gloves, boots, or helmet depending on the difficulty you’re doing this on, and then finally click the table over here to unlock your sin dancing class. Once you’ve done this, you will have to select which of your ascendancy classes you want to go with and you will be given two ascendancy points that you can then spend however you feel like. To obtain the remaining four points for your ascendancy class, you will have to repeat these three steps again on cruel and merciless difficulty and that’s it. I hope it was a fuse If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below in the comment section.

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