How to get battle stars in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
battle stars in Fortnite

In this article i want to tell you the fastest way to get battle stars inside of Fortnite easily and fast, but real quick. Get yourself battle stars in Fortnite to unlock yourself the tier 100 skin. I want to tell you how to get an insane amount of battle style, so you can literally buy all levels.

First, make your way into the Fortnite battle royale main lobby.

Next, open up the pools menu and once you have opened up the pools menu, there’ll be like a bunch of options. You need to basically go ahead and press on settings. Then, go all the way over to the right tab, where it says account and privacy and turn on player surveys.

The most important thing you need to do, just apply settings and can receive gifts. So, you actually receive your battle stars, but sometimes you don’t receive your battle stars in Fortnite. Fortnite say you’ve earned them, but you won’t actually get them. So, make sure you actually put that setting on. once you’ve applied that, change the game mode. There’ll be a ton of game modes here, so you need to press on impostors.

You just need to play the impostor’s game mode.

If you’re the one of the survivors, you need to make your way over to the task. So, you need to complete assignments to win. If you win the match, you will actually get loads of battle stars. If you’re an impostor, you need to try and eliminate as many people as possible. Also, you can play creative and try and find xp methods, but this is the safest one. It’s not like an xp glitch, this is the safest way to get battle stars in Fortnite. If you do want to get yourself fast battle stars, just wait, until your team decides. You can literally go afk in the impostor game mode and just hope your team wins.

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