How to get better ping in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
ping in Fortnite

Better ping in Fortnite

How to get better ping in Fortnite? This article is going to include all sorts of methods, that you can use to get zero ping or to at least get your ping as low as you can get. i’m going to start by going over all the super simple fundamental things you’re going to want to know and do to optimize your ping. These are going to be the first steps, that everyone’s going to want to do. Just to make sure, that they’re optimized on the surface level.

So, my first tip for this section is going to be to get an ethernet cable. You probably know, that having an ethernet cable is absolutely critical to having good ping. An ethernet cable does is essentially just hardwires your device to your router. So, instead of your internet router and your device quite literally communicating through the air, they now have a wire, that signals can travel through and travel super fast. So, if you don’t already have an ethernet cable, that’s absolutely the most fundamental step and will have a huge impact on your ping.

Next fundamental tip is a super simple one. Make sure, that you’re on the correct Fortnite servers. I don’t know why this is an issue, but some players are connected to the wrong Fortnite servers. If you’re having high ping, just take a quick second to look at your in-game server list and make sure that it’s the one closest to you. You can also just set it to auto, if you’re not sure which one is best. Also, you can simply select the one with the lowest ms value.

virus scan

The next tip though and that’s to do a virus scan. You’d actually be really surprised by how many players have high ping in Fortnite. They scan their computer for malware and find out, that they have a ton of viruses, that are causing their connection to mess up. Especially, if you download any suspicious files or you visit any websites that might be a bit questionable. It’s a really good measure to just do a quick scan and make sure that you’re in the clear.

–ętartup programs are basically programs, that instantly start running, when you turn your pc on. They run non-stop in the background taking away from your performance in both an fps and potentially a ping. Go to your task manager, head to the startup tab and you’re going to see a bunch of different apps each one’s going to have a status enabled or disabled. Basically, you’re just going to want to disable anything, that you don’t need. You don’t want on startup include game launchers, vpns, web browsers or anything else, that you don’t consistently use. This is a pretty simple tip and should help improve both your fps and ping, which is obviously fantastic!

Final tip

Next tip and this is actually going to be to try some external apps to lower your ping. If you don’t know, already plenty of apps, such as NoPing, basically exist to lower your ping in Fortnite. They reroute your connection through their own servers, which can help you communicate faster with the Epic Game servers. The actual difference in ping depends on your location and various other factors. A lot of players notice a major difference with these apps and it’s absolutely worth trying them out.

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