How to get Biting Winds in Destiny 2?

by Dealon Brounx
Biting Winds Destiny 2

Biting winds is a useful new combat bow in Destiny 2, which comes as part of the European set of weapons. This is one of the top picks of the bunch, and Biting Winds is a great addition to your arsenal. So I want to talk about the weapon, the stats, and the features, as well as let you know how to get it.

The biting winds are a legendary kinetic combat bow. It’s a compound bow where the longer draw time is optimized for damage, so what about the stats? We’ve got 76 for impact, 78 for accuracy, 49 for stability, 54 for handling, and 46 for reload speed, and we’ve got a draw time of 684.

Best perks for Biting Winds

It has the Curated roll that comes with an explosive head where arrows explode after a short delay, and there’s also a moving target where you get an increased movement speed and target acquisition when aiming down sights. It also has a Fiberglass arrow shaft which increases the accuracy and a natural string which also increases the accuracy of handling speed. 

Also, the stability for PVP killing wind and explosive heads would be a good role. For pve, something like Rapid Hit and Swashbuckler would be great, and the most popular role out there at the moment is Killing Wind and Explosive Head. Killing Wind is a relatively new perk where final blows with the weapon increase mobility range and handling for a short duration. This is one of the most popular perks since its introduction in the season of arrivals.

Also, elastic string for 10 less accuracy but 5 more handling with a faster draw and charge time, flexible string takes 5 accuracy off but comes with 10 more handling and a slightly faster charge and draw time, and polymer string adds 5 accuracy and a faster draw and charge time. Compact arrow shaft lets you hold more arrows. For a few seconds after a bolt kills, the rapid hit adds stability and reload speed temporarily for rapid precision hits. The quick draw lets you switch to this boat fast.

Surplus boosts handling reload speed and stability for every fully charged ability in the last slot. We got a swashbuckler. This stacks extra damage for both and melee kills up to five times. The range finder increases range and zoom when aiming, and the snapshot sights let you aim quickly and fast.

How you can get Biting Winds in Destiny 2

So to get this weapon, you can do it in a few ways. You can get this weapon as part of completing the main campaign in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. Once you’re done with the main campaign, you can also do the Dark Priestess Empire hunt from Variks. You do have to open up the Empire hunts by completing the post campaign missions. Once you do this, it should be selectable from Variks‘s menu. You’ll be able to see biting wins as a reward on the empire hunt itself. Empire hunts do tend to follow a pattern.

So step one is to go and kill some enemies and collect some materials. Step two: complete an objective, then step three: kill one of Eremus’s Fallen lieutenants.

For step one, defend the fleeing Fallen Skiff. Finally, for step three, take out Kridis. So once you’ve done this, simply go back to Variks and you can pick up your brand new Biting Winds bow. You can also kill high value targets on Europa for a chance at this weapon, but considering there’s a rather wide loophole plus armor in there and it’s random drops, it’s best to simply go back.

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