How to get blueprints in EVE Online?

by Dealon Brounx
get blueprints in EVE Online

get blueprints in EVE Online

How to get blueprints in EVE Online? In EVE, online researching blueprints allows you to run more fixed efficient manufacturing jobs by having higher levels of material efficiency and time efficiency. Your manufacturing jobs will then require fewer minerals and components. They gives you better margins when you’re selling items on the market. Alternately, you could sell the research blueprints straight on the contract market for profit. Also, you could use them to create blueprint copies that can then be used for invention. Let’s take a look at an afterburner. Let’s take a look at the material efficiency. Material efficiency reduces a blueprint’s required materials by 1% per level to a maximum of 10 percent. Time efficiency, on the other hand, reduces blueprint manufacturing time by 2 percent per level to a maximum of 20 percent.

So, you have to double click on the blueprint.

It’s going to open it up in the industry window here. You can see we have your manufacturing job, your material efficiency job for research. This particular group blueprint already has 10 percent efficiency, so you don’t need to do that. You’re going to do time efficiency right now. We can see if we do one job that would increase our percentage by 2 percent, or if we do 10 jobs that’ll increase our time efficiency to plus 20 percent on this blueprint, so that would make it a perfect research blueprint.

One consideration you might want to make is job costs. In this particular module and afterburner, maybe not so much, but you get into some of the capital blueprints and things, and you’re going to want to take in the system cost index so to kind of see where is a good place to build without flying all over the place.

If you go to the map control you will see something.

Just go to the industry file, system cost index, material efficiency, time efficiency. You will see where the system cost index is high and where the system cost index might be low and find a place to fill that. So we are going to go back to the industry window and we are going to get this installed and started, so I’m just gon na hit start and that blueprint is in. There are several skills you’re going to want if you’re researching blueprints.

The first is a laboratory operation, which gives you the ability to run one additional research job per skill level once you get trained to level five. There’s the advanced laboratory operation, which gives you the ability to run one additional research job per skill level. If you train all these to level five, you would have a total of eleven job slots. Most people usually get advanced laboratory operation to level four because level five takes about a month of training time, and the other research scales give you a 5% bonus to blueprint manufacturing time research per skill level. All manufacturing and research times per skill level are reduced by 3% in advanced industry. Material efficiency research speed gives you a 5% bonus, and scientific networking allows you to start researching jobs remotely.

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