How to get bot lobbies in Warzone?

by Dealon Brounx
get bot lobbies in Warzone

How to get bot lobbies in Warzone? The answer that everyone has been looking for, what is the guaranteed foolproof way to get bot lobbies in Call of Duty:Warzone. By bot lobbies, I mean lobbies where people don’t shoot back at you and where it appears that nobody is even wearing headphones. Well, I found a way and no, it isn’t using a VPN. It is actually pretty simple, but you have to take advantage of it when you do it.

So, I played a few games in bot lobbies with my friend.

Although they weren’t bad by any means, that first one was something special. So what’s the common denominator? It’s pretty simple. Playing with a new account pretty much guarantees you a low-skilled lobby, at least for that very first game. Now in my friend’s case, he actually connected his existing xbox account to his new pc account and combined with the fact that he hadn’t played in almost a year and that he was playing on his new pc account, I think it made the matchmaking system basically think it was a brand new account and it gave us a bot lobby.

So if you want to take advantage of this, what I’d recommend is you could make a new account.

The problem is you’re not going to have your guns leveled up, so get a friend or anyone to either make a second account, maybe they also load up a console alongside another console or another PC and you load in with that account, but like I said, you gotta take advantage of this because after that first game, immediately we were getting thrown back into more regular lobbies 

Although I have not put this strategy through a rigorous test myself, I believe it is possible to just keep on reiterating the steps involved in the process and creating new accounts because doing so is completely free. You could take advantage of this situation in the future.

I was actually able to drop over 20 kills in it, which for rebirth duos is kind of hard because those lobbies die out incredibly fast, so I’ll leave you to watch the rest of the video and just to look at the proof basically of what kind of lobbies you can expect to get if you do this method. Otherwise, good luck! I hope it works for you guys that way you guys get a little break of skill-based matchmaking down one on the roof.

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