How to get Fortnite save the world?

by Dealon Brounx
save the world

How to get save the world here in Fortnite Chapter Three? So, at the start of the chapter three chapter, you can notice something new in the item shop. If you go into your item shop, there should be the special offers and bundles. There should be a brand new pack or a bundle, which is called the robo kevin starter pack. This can be both used in battle royale and in this game mode, but more specifically this is a save the world starter pack.

So, a lot of you have been questioning, how do you get it here in chapter three? Obviously, there’s a lot of ways on how to get the world here in any chapter, in any scene. i want to give you the best tips and tricks on how you can do that. So, if you buy any starter packs, it’s only 15, you will get save the world. Basically, if you buy robo cabin pack starter pack, you will get granted save the world.

Save the world is so clutch!

There’s still a lot of people who don’t have it, which i really do understand. It is basically was one of the first modes, that has ever came out to Fortnite, pretty sure before battle royale came out. Basically, if you buy the pack or if you don’t have the pack, you won’t be able to click this mode option. Once, you buy the pack, you’re gonna get access to see the screen with it.

When you do have saved the world, you guys get access to the world daily logins.

It is literally grants you a lot of stuff, different rewards. Especially, v-bucks, that can be both used in battle royale or save the world. When you do unlock the robo cabin starter pack, you get the robo kevin skin. Also, you will get the robo cabin challenges, which is obviously the challenges you need to do to get the v-bucks for it. If you don’t see the starter pack in the battle royale shop, you can go to the save the world item shop in the store. You will be able to buy it through there.

Tip number two would be farm up some v-bucks and buy the start of the save the world. i’m pretty sure, it used to go on a huge discount, so maybe you can just wait on a discount.

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