How to get good at Fortnite Chapter 3?

by Dealon Brounx
Fortnite Chapter 3

Fortnite Chapter 3

So, finally, after months of waiting for tonight, chapter 3 has finally been released with a whole new map, a new loot pool, tons of new mechanics and more. There’s obviously quite a bit to learn, so i’ll be doing is giving you some of my best tips to improve and get ahead of the pack in chapter 3. These are going to include all sorts of practice, tips, ways to learn the loot, pool and much more.

So to start off, i want to talk about learning the map. With chapter 3 just recently releasing, the most crucial thing to do in the first few weeks is going to be to learn all the changes. Starting with the most visible change, which is the new map. So, you can take a few approaches to learning the new map. You can simply drop at every location sporadically, you can head into a battle lab and analyze them all or you can choose a few different spots at a time to focus on. What i recommend doing for the new chapter in order is to basically choose a few different drop spots at a time to focus on. Basically, what you’re going to want to do is select three to four spots each time. For example, I’ll choose camp cuddle, the daily bugle and condo canyon to start bonus points. If you can actually make these spots far away from one another that way, you get to learn each area of the map and from there you can basically choose any of your selected spots. Whenever you hop into a game and once you get tired of landing at those three to four spots, you can choose another few spots. The reason i like this particular strategy, as opposed to simply hopping in and landing randomly, is because it really allows you to focus in on learning new locations and the idea of targeting a few spots. Allows you to really get familiar with those spots, without having to learn too much at once. Of course, you always have the option to choose a random spot once in a while to mix things up, but learning three or four spots at a time, as opposed to randomly doing the entire map, will make it really easy to get familiar with all sorts of spots.

New meta

Next up, I want to talk about the best ways to actually learn and improve in this new meta. So, obviously a lot has changed in terms of the meta: with the loot pool rotations and all that sort of stuff. My first tip – use the new stuff. I know it’s a really simple tip, but this is something i see far too many players messing up on whenever. There’s a new season or chapter, there’ll be a ton of new stuff to learn, but they’re basically just gonna resort to the items, they already know. Then once, the new items become a meta or once they’re forced to use them. They’re pretty much gonna freeze up and don’t know what to do. I know that pretty much every weapon is new at this point, but a lot of them are really similar to old weapons, where you pretty much already know how to use them. So what i’m saying is to emphasize those weapons, that you struggle with or simply don’t understand that way you can adapt and get used to them. As a quick example, the striker pump shotgun is really close to the original pump from chapters one and two. So, obviously most of us aren’t going to have a problem learning that, but on the other hand the auto shotgun is pretty unique and most people are really going to struggle with it at first. With some practice, it’s actually a really solid weapon, that’s worth learning.

My next recommendation to learn the meta fast is going to be to watch as much content relating to the new season as possible. This can be stuff like pro players, Twitch streams, highlight videos, high kill wins or even specific tips and tricks videos. Hopefully this article gave you some useful tips, that’ll help you step up your game faster than ever before.

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