How to Get Hawkmoon Catalyst in Destiny 2

by Dealon Brounx
Hawkmoon Catalyst

I’m going to walk you through how to gain the Witch Queen’s Catalyst and the exotic hand cannon called the Hawkmoon Catalyst . I’ll be going into all the information you want regarding how to obtain the Hawkmoon. The Witch Queen has launched the Hawkmoon and introduced a Catalyst to the game.

Hawkmoon Catalyst Overview

Depending on how many pericausal stacks you currently have, the Hawkmoon Catalyst increases magazine size, handle reload speed, and weapon range. The hawkmoon will benefit greatly from this, especially in light of the recent buff to primaries.

PVE has just a very slight appeal for PVP because of this trigger, which is more. Like I said, The Catalyst increases handle reload speed, increases the size of the magazine. Also, it increases the weapon range based on the amount of stacks of para causal charge. Although we only receive one additional bullet, the magazine increases from eight to nine. The Hawkmoon still has a maximum capacity of seven paracausal times, which makes it more forgiving in pve. Although you can miss and still have a sizable final round for the time seven shot in PVP.

You can accomplish a few things. To get to the point where you can one-shot the following opponent, you can spin the remaining rounds. Although it seems like a little tweak, the impact on how Hawkmoon plays is rather significant. If you’ve been playing with Hawkmoon, you’ll realize right away how useful the catalyst is in that decisive round. How much does obtaining final two taps or one-shot headshots help? Also keep in mind that the one-shot headshot might be either a time six or a time seven.

The stats for that hawkmoon are as follows. I added the catalyst, which results in 61 basic range, 83 handling, 63 reload, and damage reduction for the hawkmoon begins at 30 and a half meters. From the base to the first pair of causal shots, that is its base fall off range.

Simply use it normally when you come to the time seven times seven, which is just under 35 meters for this one, and either land a head shot to get a charge or land a final blow. At 35, it’s almost there but just barely short, and it’s still very cool. The maximum distance for hawkmoon is 70 meters.

How to get Hawkmoon Catalyst

To get the Hawkmoon Catalyst, you will have to complete playlist activities by completing either Vanguard operations, Crucible or Gambit, and it will be a random reward that guardians will receive at the end of those activities. To maximize your potential here, I would suggest doing speed runs of Vanguard operations, as it will be the quickest activity to complete outside of mayhem in the crucible to masterwork the Hawkmoon’s Catalyst.

You will have to get 700 total kills with the Hawkmoon, which you can quickly and easily do by either heading to the altar of sorrows. Also, by loading up the Grasp of Avarice and farming out the kills at the opening area. if you’re still looking at acquiring the hawkmoon itself. You will have to wait for Xur to arrive on Fridays to purchase a randomly rolled version of the hawkmoon. As long as you are an owner of Beyond Light, each weekend Xur will be selling both the Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale. It’s randomized roles now that their original objectives have been removed from the game. And there you have it. That was a quick and easy guide to acquire both the Hawkmoon exotic hand cannon and its brand new exotic catalyst during Destiny 2: The Witch Queen.

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