How to get Lebron James in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Lebron James in Fortnite

How to get this skin for completely free? In this article, I want to talk about how you can get the Lebron James in Fortnite. So first of all, you can get this skin in the item shop and there are the different bundles here. So, there’s going to be a bundle for like the cosmetics outside of the skin itself. That’s being the glider, the harvesting tool and the emote.

How to get this skin for completely free?

I’m sure not every one of you guys will be buying the skin, because you don’t have the v-bucks. Let’s first talk about the whole set and how it’s gonna be looking like. Well, Lebron James actually have two different skins. Fortnite this time have made like a skin in two parts. Yes, Lebron James in Fortnite has two parts. The first skin is obviously the one with the crown. This skin you have like two additional styles. You can remove the glasses and you can put the glasses back on. Also, you can set how much amount of gold do you want and how shiny the skin can be.

So, this is the first skin and obviously, it’s a very cool.

Actually, you can change the slider from 20 to 30 to 100 and with that, the shininess of the skin will also change. To be honest, the second one is my personal favorite. The second one is the Looney Tunes version. It actually has a actual basketball jersey. The second style, which is my favorite style, is the Taco Tuesday version. This version also has three edit styles. Fortnite actually put a lot of work into these skins. You have so many options, so many edit styles! Both of the skins looks good. You could buy both the skins as a bundle in the Fortnite item shop. Also, you can buy them separately.

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