How to get mushroom blocks in Minecraft

by Dealon Brounx
get mushroom blocks in Minecraft

How to get mushroom blocks in Minecraft. I want to actually explain to you how to get them. First you needed a bone meal. Okay, so you got mushrooms, you got the bone meals. And then you needed to get a diamond pickaxe because you have to try to enchant one and try to get a silk touch. Also, you might have to go through a few diamond pickaxes to get your silk touch.

You have to do a few steps to get mushroom blocks

You might have to kind of go through a few down with pickaxes. Maybe they don’t have to be diamonds, you could probably use them, I know something like that, and try to enchant them to get your silk done. Along with the mushroom blocks, these are the stalks of two different types of mushrooms; they appear identical, but these look absolutely amazing to build with and everything looks different.

First you need to kind of build a space or just find a mountain and just dig a hole inside a mountain and it’s got to be about seven to eight blocks high and seven blocks wide. It could be anything between seven and eleven, probably seven is in off as well, so it could be the whole space could be seven by seven.

Make sure when you build this all up.

It kind of makes a hole inside of Manchester, fly back because it needs to be docked. You might be able to place mushrooms anymore outside when it’s like they and stuff like that, you could do it at night, but you know, it’s probably preferable if you want to farm them like all the time. It’s like the best way to kind of do it in a way.

So make sure first as well that you have the ground free of grass or dirt, otherwise you won’t be able to grow a giant mushroom. You use them for whatever you want to use them for. Personally, I’ve been using them for things like furniture and stuff like that, and maybe soon I’ll be using them for other, let us say, builds or something like that. You never know.

The mushroom blocks come in three varieties

Red, brown, and stem, and they naturally spark a massive mushroom. Mushroom blocks need to be broken with a silt torch to drop themselves.

Otherwise, bread mushroom blocks will drop zero to two red mushrooms. Brown mushroom blocks will drop zero to two Brown mushrooms. And stem blocks will drop mushrooms on bedrock, but nothing on Java. It mens that blocks can be used in a composter, with a eighty-five percent chance of raising it a level.

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