How to get nuts and bolts in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
nuts and bolts in Fortnite

How to get nuts and bolts in Fortnite? I’m really enjoying this season, certainly compared to season six. I want to tell you about another rare quest and this is called collect nuts and bolts. I will tell you the quickest way to complete it at this stage. It’s a bit of a weird quest, in terms of the goals, that you need to complete. All the stages, the levels that you need to complete in this challenge.

So, there’s five stages as normal.

The first stage being 25 bolts. Stage two is 50, but then it jumps to the stage three or level three. It is 500 nuts and bolts and then stage four is 1000. The last stage is five. It’s a bit of an interesting quest, because you can only really get these from the tools. So, you obviously got ammo boxes, but there’s also kind of tool boxes, that you can get these nuts and bolts in Fortnite.

This season we’ve got the characters, where you can go and get the nuts and bolts as well.

You need head down to Rick Sanchez, which is the level 100 skin for this season. It’s kind of west of Lazy Lake, in the area, where it’s got the big satellite and the Rift Beacon. So, he’s in the top part of a building and you can go and get eight sets of the nuts and bolts. It costs you 25 gold for each set. So, it will cost you a couple of hundred gold to get eight sets, but there’s a few ways of doing that really quickly.

The best way to do it as i said, you can get these items from the tool boxes, but the quickest way would head down to that character. You’ll pick up nuts and bolts in Fortnite throughout the season, as ground loot. There’s ways of finding them more easily, kind of around the center part of the map, than others.

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