How to get Sugar in Minecraft?

by Dealon Brounx
How to get Sugar in Minecraft

How to get Sugar in Minecraft? In this article, I want to talk about sugar in Minecraft.

The way that you can get sugar in Minecraft is by killing witches

They will drop 0 to 3 sugar when they die. This can be increased with the looting enchantment, so it’s 3 pieces of sugar per each level of the looting enchantment, so the maximum amount of sugar you can get from a witch is fifteen pieces of sugar. Another way that you can get sugar is from sugarcane. If you go into the crafting table and you put one piece of sugarcane in, they’ll give you one piece of sugar. Also, if you put honey bottles into the crafting table, it will give you three pieces of sugar.

So the recipe involves sugar. The first one is a fermented spider. Brown mushrooms and sugar in a crafting table will get you a fermented spider and this is very useful for things like brewing. The next one is a pumpkin pie. This is pumpkin sugar and an egg and this will get you a pumpkin pot. The last one is a cake. So three buckets of milk, two pieces of sugar, an egg, and three wheat are required. with cake, you actually have to place it on to something. You can’t eat it from your hotbar. Once you place it, there will be 7 slices and each slice will restore hunger and point to saturation.

What to do with sugar in Minecraft?

If you’re not familiar with brewing, this is a display of it. You put your fuel in there, you put your potions or your water bottles, and you put the item you can distill in here. So with sugar, there is one potential potion that you can create.

So in order to get an awkward potion you have to distill nether warts into a water bottle and now create an awkward potion. And awkward potions basically allow you to add effects to potions, so with the sugar you can distill it into here and it’ll distill into the awkward potion and it’ll give you a potion of swiftness. What this does is increase the speed that you move by 20%. So as you can see, you have the speed for 3 minutes and when applied it’s a 20% increase in your speed.

Also with horses, sugar is useful, so what sugar does is it heals a horse by one. You can use it to increase the growth of the baby into an adult so it takes less time. You can also use it to increase the taming of a horse. So what this means is it basically makes it easier to actually tame the horse. It’s 3%, so usually the tame ability is between 0 and 99, so this basically just means it goes up by 3 points each time you beat them sugar. So that was the article about how you can get sugar in Minecraft.

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