How to get Supercharged XP in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
supercharged XP

How you can get supercharged xp in Fortnite?

Today, I’m going to tell you all how you can get supercharged xp in Fortnite. For example, I have two daily challenges in green and one in gray, and they all say I have 20 hours remaining to complete them! So basically, if you do not complete your daily challenges, you are going to get it. So, do not complete your daily challenges if you want to supercharge your experience points.

Now you may be saying, “What does not completing your daily challenges have to do with supercharged XP?” Basically, Fortnite doesn’t explain it well, but if players aren’t having enough time to complete their daily challenges, or they’re just not completing them, you’re going to get supercharged xp for the next day. It’s because you don’t have enough time or anything like that, which is good for me, I guess. That’s why you are getting it for the next day.

Over doing my daily challenges

I actually do prefer having supercharged xp over doing my daily challenges every day, because I’m getting more xp by having supercharged experience points than I would be completing my daily challenges. So, let’s just say you complete all your main daily challenges; that’s around 50 000 xp. You’re getting from completing all your daily challenges. That’s a pretty decent amount of experience points to get just by doing three daily challenges.

When will you have supercharge experience points?

When you’re doing simple things, like fishing, opening chests and ammo boxes, and just doing simple things, getting kills and stuff. You get more supercharged experience points, and I am getting around 60 to 66, 000 xp! That is way more than I would be getting for my daily challenges, and if you have supercharged experience points every single day and you’re playing the game, you’re going to be getting around 1.9 million per month. Yes, per month you will be getting that much XP. It actually adds up way more than having 50 000 just from doing your daily challenges.

You will literally gain 400,000 more experience points by having supercharge xp, and it is possible to gain even more than that. It’s really bonkers all around! It is my strong recommendation that you use it rather than the daily challenges; but, it is possible that you might complete your daily challenges and then move on to the additional challenges that it presents you after completing those. When you complete the second round of the daily tasks, you will only receive 1700 experience points. Therefore, you can still amass a large amount of it by completing daily tasks, but in general, I find that having supercharged experience is more beneficial.

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