How to get Superman in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Superman in Fortnite

Superman in Fortnite

Today, I’ll be telling you how to unlock it for yourself! The first quest, which is complete quest from Superman, I’m a Batman or beast boy. We have to do this five times and we will unlock some rewards on the way, which we will get a spray and emoticon and also the Clark Kent skin itself. so, if you complete free quest you get the spray and if you complete all five quests you get Superman.

So, let’s find armored Batman first. I’m a batman could be found at dirty dogs roaming. Here is Batman as well, just go up to him and he will offer you a bunch of quests. Next up we have Clark and Superman’s location quite close to craggy cliffs on the radio station. Finally, we have beast boy. Beast boy can be found in weapon woods on this bridge or roaming. That’s how you find all three npcs! We got three challenges from beast boy, Batman and also Superman. Now let’s quickly go through them, one by one. So i can give you a quick tutorial on how to complete them! First up, let’s go for beast boys, which is take damage from a player and survive. So, of course what you need to do is accept this quest. If you do get it, take damage from an enemy player and survive, you can run away or you can actually kill him. Next up we have defeat aliens, you can find aliens at holly hatchery. They’ll be roaming the streets, i believe there’s five altogether of four aliens and also you can find them at purple mat locations as well. They randomize every single game. If you go to a purple location, just shoot down a ufo and an alien will pop out of the ufo as well.

Let’s go ahead and jump into Batman’s quest. So, he will offer you use a launch pad. So, of course what you need to do is find a launch pad. You can find them really easy as floor loot, you can go to corny complex and there should be one around there. Next up, we have another defeat aliens challenge. Of course i just give you a tutorial on that and lastly batman will offer you Fly a Saucer. Now how do you find the sources, you can either shoot one down from the sky at the purple map locations or you can just go ahead and find one around the map. You can find one at camp court here or underneath bridge.

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