How to get the predator skin in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx

Predator skin in Fortnite

How to get the predator skin in Fortnite? i’ll tell you how to complete the challenge in order to unlock him. You need to go and defeat predator boss. This boss will only spawn in one location and there’s also only going to be one boss per lobby. So, keep that in mind, you might have to do this a few tries and if you remember from back in the previous seasons these challenges can get quite annoying.

In order to kill predator, you will have to go to the Stronghold. This is the only place, that he will spawn, but i do know the exact spawn point. So, you’re gonna have a little bit of an advantage over everyone else! Keep in mind though, there’s literally like 50-60 people dropping here at a time. It is really really annoying and you’re gonna have to really give it a few tries. So, the best way to get this one done, is to try to be the first person to land. So, i didn’t even really try to take any of these people out. There’s really no point in trying to kill anyone, because, as soon as you kill one or two people, you’re either going to be so weak, that you then can’t kill predator.

Third party and just put one bullet in you

Also, somebody else is going to come in the third party and just put one bullet in you. The best thing, that you can do in order to make give you the best chances, is to kind of just lay low for the first 30 seconds. So, let all these people clear themselves out! If anyone rushes you, obviously, try to take them out, but you don’t want to start any gunfights. In fact, you have to try to get max health, because the predator boss has a bunch of health as well. That predator is going to have a ridiculous amount of health and on top you’re going to have to put like six full auto clips into him.

I didn’t even mention the best part about this boss.

Predator is actually invisible. That’s going to be pretty nice trying to defeat him. If you come over here by the mysterious pod or by the big stealthy word on the minimap, this is where he likes to spawn. So, you have to fight the 150 people that land here, you also have to find an invisible boss and then find a way to kill him as well, While he’s running around all over the place. So, he will stay invisible the entire fight and he does have a melee weapon. That’s going to hit you for about 25 or 30 damage, but that’s the only thing you really have to worry about with him. The best way to get this boss defeated is really just to wait, until you see somebody else defeat the boss. You really need to wait, until somebody else cracks the shield on the predator.

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