How to get the Song of Resonance in Lost Ark

by Dealon Brounx
song of resonance lost ark

What makes this song so significant? Playing the song when you come across one of these statues is required in order to obtain certain mokoko seeds. The song of resonance will cause the statue to move, which will result in the creation of a hidden entrance. On some islands, in order for you to obtain the token for that island, you will also need to play the song.

How to Get the Song of Resonance in Lost Ark

You can acquire the Song of Resonance by boarding the cruise ship Payto. It is situated directly to the south of Pleccia and to the west of Anikka.

As soon as you enter the building, you will find the shopkeeper where you can purchase the song of resonance. To acquire the song of resonance will set you back somewhere in the range of 16000 to 16500 pirate coins. You really ought to have some boxes by now even if you don’t have a sufficient amount of pirate coins yet. After that, you can transform them into any of these coins, whether it be Sceptrum coins, Arcturus coins, or some ancient coins.

The coins obtained from the traveling merchants can be exchanged for pirate coins. The traveling merchants can be found in pretty much all of the game’s primary ports.

How To Get Pirate Coins In Lost Ark

Then there is also the option of completing some island quests, such as those on the Golden Wave Island. This one awards seven thousand pirate coins for a very simple mission that can be finished in a matter of minutes and requires very little effort.

The Runaway Island is a good location to go to in order to acquire pirate coins. After completing the quest on that island, you will be able to participate in the daily activity. Alternatively, you can purchase it from this vendor and then immediately put it to use. Because it unlocks holy pathways for mokoko seeds, this song holds a significant amount of significance. They are utilized in a variety of different rapports, as well as in some of the quests. This make them an extremely valuable piece of music to possess. They are very simple to acquire. Once you have them, you won’t ever have to think about or worry about them again. Once you have them, you won’t ever have to look back.

Where To Use The Song of Resonance In Lost Ark 

In addition, you’ll need this song in order to finish the quest on Lullaby Island. When you reach Lullaby Island, there will be an invisible ferry, and you will need to have a conversation with her. Therefore, you are going to have to go through it, and you are going to have to select a number of different options. So you are going to have to select the appropriate options in a row in order to proceed with the quest line. When you have completed a sufficient number of quests, you will eventually come across one that requires you to “perform co-op magic melody voice of the forest two out of three times”.

The fact that you can only make progress once every two hours. It is one of the things that is annoying about this. Therefore, if you have access to a free bifrost, I would save the location to this island. Then, after every two hours you can return to the island and simply carry out the aforementioned actions.

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