How to get wishes in Genshin Impact?

by Dealon Brounx
get wishes in Genshin Impact

How to get wishes in Genshin Impact? If you’re one of the millions who play Ginseng Impact, you’ve come to know that wishes are your key to new items and characters. Rather than buying something outright, everything is pooled into lucky draw piles for you to take a chance on what you want. If you’re just starting or run out trying for that one character that you just can’t seem to get. Here’s what you need to know.

What do you need to do first to get wishes?

You’ll first unlock the wish menu after reaching the library scene in Monstadt while playing the prologue quest. New wishes or banners are occasionally released by the developers. Your game will automatically update to show them. To make these wishes to get items or characters, you’ll need to have fates. One fate makes one wish to receive one character or item. There are two kinds of fates. Acquainted fates and intertwined fates Acquaintance fates are used for standard banners, while intertwined fates are used for time-limited ones. While both cost the same, they can’t be traded for one another.

To buy them, you’ll need to have either Primo Gems stardust or Star Glitter. Star dust and star glitter are based on your previous wishes. They are awarded to you based on the sort and level of item you manage to draw. Either fake or real can be bought with either item in their respective exchanges under the piemon’s bargains tab. Also, under the shop menu tile. The current rates are 75 stardust and 5 star good per fate. You can only use stardust to obtain fate in this manner five times per month for each type of faith. Using star glitter has no such restriction. Primo gems are by far the easiest way to obtain fates. It can be exchanged under Paimon’s bargains for 160 gems per fate. Obtaining the gems themselves can be done slowly by just playing through the game.

Other ways to get wishes in Genshin Impact

However, if you don’t want to spend hours playing. You could just buy genesis crystals, which you can convert on a one-to-one basis for primo gems. To buy these, click on the crystal top-up tab under your shop menu. Then,choose how many you want to buy from the packs presented to you. You’ll be brought to a purchasing screen to pay for your crystals. You can then convert your crystals to gyms by clicking on the plus icon or tapping the displayed button next to your current primo gem count when it appears.

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