How to get xp fast in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
get xp fast in Fortnite

How to get xp fast in Fortnite? In this article, I want to reveal a new xp method, that allows you to gain a hundred and sixty thousand xp in just a few minutes. It will help you level up fast in Fortnite chapter three. Make sure, that you do have a spray set up in your locker, so you can easily access it. Once, you are in game, just pick a random e-mode. Just simply pick a random spray. It’s completely random, you don’t have to use a pacific spray.

Once, you are in the game, you can do this in either solos duos or squads or even team rumble.

Go over to your milestones and go all the way down to the open vaults milestone. The volts have returned to fortnite ever since the beginning of fortnite chapter 3. Every single time, like all of the other milestones, you get 8 000 xp. Every single time you complete a single stage out of 20.

How to complete this specific milestone?

Head over to a vault on the map. It located, depending on what mode you are going to be playing. Just grab a gun a chest and some ammo. You need two people to open the vault. You can either do this with a shark or just another sort of wildlife, I think it works with in solos.

So, you need to spray on the vault door.

It actually counts as a sort of completion towards the stages. You need to start sort of spamming and within just a few seconds you can do 30 of these vault openings. If you will open any vaults, whatsoever, you will just gain yourself 160 000 xp fast in Fortnite. For example, I’ve clearly not opened the vault, but according to the game i have complete level in just a few seconds.

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