How to get xp fast in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
get xp fast in Fortnite

How to get xp fast in Fortnite? In this article, I want to reveal a new xp method, that allows you to gain a hundred and sixty thousand xp in just a few minutes. It will help you level up fast in Fortnite Chapter Three. Make sure that you do have a spray set up in your locker, so you can easily access it. Once you are in the game, just pick a random e-mode. Simply pick a random spray. It’s completely random; you don’t have to use a pacific spray.

Once, you are in the game, you can do this in either solos duos or squads or even Team Rumble.

You will need to go into your milestones and scroll all the way down until you reach the one that reads “open vaults.” Since the beginning of Chapter 3 in the game of Fortnite, players have once again had access to the ability to play with Volts. You will receive 8,000 experience points each and every time, the same amount that you did for all of the other significant milestones that you have reached. Each and every time you accomplish one of the game’s twenty individual stages.

How to complete this specific milestone?

Move forward until you reach a vault that has been marked on the map. The position of it shifts depending on the mode of play that you opt to engage in during the game. You really only need to acquire a chest, a chest, and some ammunition at this point. You are going to require the assistance of two people in order to break the safe. You could do this with any other species of wild animal, not just a shark, for that matter. Both of these choices are acceptable. In my opinion, it really shines when it’s paired with solos.

Therefore, you need to spray on the door of the vault.

In point of fact, it does qualify as some kind of completion toward the various levels. You need to get into a type of spamming mode, and if you do so, you can open thirty of these vaults in just a few seconds. If you access any vaults in Fortnite, regardless of which ones, you will quickly accumulate 160 000 experience points. For instance, the game claims that I have finished the level. Even though it is obvious that I have not entered the vault and that I have just taken a few seconds to do so.

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