How to increase FPS in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
increase FPS in Fortnite

How to increase FPS in Fortnite? In this article, I’m going to be covering simple optimization tips, within the Windows settings, that will in fact improve your Fortnite fps.

Tip number one – adjust visual effects. To adjust visual effects in Windows, you want to simply go into your system settings. Go into about head into the advanced system settings, click performance settings. Then, under visual effects, select the adjust for best performance option. It basically adjusts your effects and animations to increase performance on your pc. Tip number two – change power plan. For this, you want to head back into your system settings. Then, you want to head into the power and sleep tab on the left hand side. Then, click on additional power settings on the right hand side. After that, you should select the high performance power plan option, by selecting this power plant option. It will change how your PC‘s power is managed by Windows, which will make it obviously more performance based, than it was previously. That in turn will give you a slight performance boost in all the games, that you play.

Tip number three – disable transparency effects.

To disable the transparency effects in Windows 10, you want to go into the personalization settings. You want to click on the colors tab and switch off the show transparency effects button. This small change will surprisingly improve your responsiveness by quite a fair bit. It is because those little transparency effects will no longer be enabled. Tip number four – uninstall unused apps, slash tools and programs. For this tip, go into your app settings and select the program applications, that you’d like to uninstall. So, simply press the uninstall button on all the apps and all the unwanted programs.

Next tip to increase FPS in Fortnite – disable startup apps.

So, select the app setting again, then click on the startup tab on the left and in here simply sort by startup impact. You can toggle off any application, that is not a priority. Especially those, that are marked as high impact. I can guarantee, that your system will see some sort of improvement. Next advice – disable game bar. For this go into the gaming settings and switch off that main xbox game bar setting as well. Secondly, go into the background recording settings, that’s found in the tab below called captures and you have to turn that setting off. By turning these two settings off, you’ll be increasing your fps by about 10 to 15 fps in all games.

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