How to level up fast in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx

Impostor mode

Impostor mode was just added into Fortnite with the latest update and I am going to show you how to level up super fast by playing this new game mode. I honestly didn’t expect this game mode to even award you xp in the first place, but after I finished my first game of impostors mode, I was shocked. 25000 xp for nine minutes! Here is how xp is broken down in impostors mode. Every time you complete a task in a match of impostors mode you will be given 4000 xp. Tasks are highlighted on your map in the bottom right-hand corner with a yellow exclamation point. You will have to follow the instructions of the task and once you complete it, you will gain 4000 xp for as many tasks as you can complete in that one match.

When the match is completed you will get 3 000 xp.

You don’t need to do much to get this xp award in your impostors match, just stick around until the match is over and you will get this tacked onto your total xp gain for that match. Every minute you are playing an impostor’s mode match you will get 450 xp per minute. This does include discussions and also the time you are wandering around the map as a ghost. If I get eliminated early, I usually just leave the game running and come back to it when it’s finished. So I can get the other xp bonuses that I got in that match.

Also, once the match starts, you will get 1500 xp just for starting a match plain and simple. If you win a game of impostors, you will get 3000 xp and to win a game as an agent you need to either fill up the task completion bar at the bottom of the screen or vote off both of the impostors. To win as an impostor, you need to prevent the agents from completing tasks and eliminate all of the agents. Either way, a victory in this game mode grants you 3000 xp. Also, every time you eliminate a player as an impostor you get 4000 xp. Pretty simple! If you are randomly selected as an impostor, you will be able to eliminate agents and each agent you eliminate will give you 4000 xp. And lastly, every time you perform a sabotage as an impostor you will get 3000 xp.

There are three sabotages you can perform as an impostor.

These are on a cooldown, but if you are looking to get xp then use these sabotages every chance you get. These all add up very fast. Just to let you know, I found all this information out by going through the game files. You will most likely get the most xp being an impostor. It’s just because you get that extra bonus xp for performing sabotages. You can also complete a few tasks and get that xp on top of it all. I highly recommend if you do play impostor mode to get some easy xp you try to stay alive and not get eliminated. Because, if you do, you won’t be able to gain xp from tasks and everything else. I played impostor mode for about an hour and i was able to get six matches completed in that one hour.

In conclusion, if you are looking to gain xp super fast, here’s what i recommend doing.

I recommend you get all of your quests completed except for the rare quests. They will take way too much time. So, complete all of the legendary epic and uncommon quests you have left. Then, hop into impostor mode for a while. Once you get bored of playing in posture mode, you can hop into a creative lobby and go afk to get a huge xp bonus for doing literally nothing. All that you should be soaring through the levels. And that’s all the tips i have for you on how to gain xp fast using impostors mode.

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