How to level up in Genshin Impact

by Dealon Brounx
Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

Released across multiple platforms in 2020, Genshin Impact is a free-to-play open world rpg with hours of content. Its player base exploded into the millions overnight, making the game one of the biggest hits of the year. If you’ve just found some free time to get into the game, you might find yourself a bit under-leveled compared with your friends, especially if you want to play with them on co-op. If you’re just starting out and want to level up and catch up to your friends fast, here’s what you need.

To know before we begin, note that there’s a world of difference between leveling up your adventure rank, which is the overall level of the world quests and enemies, and your individual characters level. Though the highest level, your characters can reach, is capped by your current adventure rank. The fastest way to level up your adventure rank in Genshin Impact is to focus on the main quest until you hit adventure rank 7 while exploring finding chess and activating waypoints along the way. Once you hit level 7, you’ll receive your adventure handbook from Katheryne in front of the adventures guild in Monstadt. From here you can do chapter rewards tasks and hunt enemies, alongside quests and side quests to reach level 8, when you can unlock ley lines. When you hit adventure rank 12, you unlock daily commissions, which offer a decent adventure experience per task with a generous bonus reward for completing them all.

Explore the landscape

In between objectives, don’t forget to explore the landscape find open chess and defeat hostile creatures, to get a bit of extra adventuring experience, to level you up just a bit faster. Between your daily commissions quests, ley lines, and chapter rewards, you’ll be racing through ranks in no time. If you’re looking to level up your favorite characters fast, you’ll need to hunt for character experience materials, like wander’s advice, adventurer’s experience, and hero’s wit. These can be found in chess as rewards for quests or tasks and defeating enemies. To use them, open your character customization screen, find the attributes tab and select the level up option in the bottom right. They’re fairly plentiful, so feel free to use them to get your characters up to level, other than that you’ll get experience for your characters by having them on your team, when you do quests, defeat enemies and claim ley line blossoms from bosses.

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