How to link items in chat in Path of Exile?

by Dealon Brounx
link items in chat in Path of Exile

How to link items in chat in Path of Exile? Path of Exile is not a really newbie-friendly game, so a lot of the functionalities are not explained and there is no real tutorial except where it tells you how to equip items and where to get your gems, so the chat and the chat commands are pretty neat things.

Basics about linking items in chat

At first, the basics you have here can join the global and the trade chat. It even shows you the number of the check you’re in, so when a room gets full, another one gets created and you can join by slash trade. You can join the thread whatever you want, so when I go to global 4, it says that I’ve joined the global trade global chat for and there’s even trade and I can go to trade 5. So you can turn these completely off.

Another obvious thing are the different types of messages you can type.

When you just have nothing in front of it and you type, it just appears in your instance, so everybody in town can now read this message. The other things are pretty self-explanatory. The global writes in the global chat you’re in right now. So is the trade. Here, party is just your party when you go to s. You can here create a party or a public party and when you join these and then write party with the party tag, it goes just to your party. Then you can whisper to other players.

Of course, there is an advantage. It shows all the people in your instance that I can write to, and then I just click them and then I can write a message to them, so that’s pretty neat and golden. Of course, when you’re in a guild, it’s the same. So, you don’t have to pick them from this list; just add a hashtag like a percent sign, and the message is sent to the followers you want to reach. So now the hidden commands are some like the horse command, where I can see what level, class, and leek is playing in. That’s pretty cool for trading.

How to link items in chat in Path of Exile?

So all you have to do is open up your inventory and find the item that you’d like to link. Then press the Enter button to open up the chat and then hold control + alt.

Then click on the item that you want to link and it will be put in the chat now. If you want to read this item, if you want to hover over and see the status of items, then you have to be in chat. You have to press ENTER to do this. So once again, all you have to do is hold CTRL + Alt and then click on the item whilst in chat.

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