How to make a clock in Minecraft?

by Dealon Brounx
make a clock in Minecraft

How to make a clock in Minecraft? First, remove two blocks and put in a door. Then, put a slab like this: place an observer vertically downward. Put a bell under the observer. Place three trapdoors here one by one. Also here Now place an item frame in front of the observer and put a clock on it. Now place a daylight sensor to make it workable so you can see how it works in the day and night cycle.

Also, I want to explain the crafting recipe and where to find clocks.

Villagers, trades, and what the clock does. Let’s first talk about where you can find a clock in a shipwreck. You can find a clock in the map chest, which is at the rear and bottom section of a shipwreck. There is a 7.7 percent chance of finding a clock in there. Also, in the latest snapshot for the 1.16 update, a ruined portal was added into the game. This new structure can be found in any biome in the nether and the overworld. You have a six point nine percent chance of getting a clock.

Another way is through villager trading with villagers. When you trade with them, they gain experience that levels them up. There are five different levels and at each level they unlock two trades. The librarian villagers at expert level, which is the fourth level, have a 50% chance of selling you a clock for five emeralds. The last way to get a clock is by crafting one. The crafting recipe is for gold ingots and redstone dust. This pattern will craft you a clock.

What a clock does in Minecraft is display the in-game time of day.

The clock can be read in the player’s hand inventory, crafting grid item frame or dropped item, which is similar to the compass. There are two halves. The blue represents the day, the black represents the night. Also, the yellow line displays the sun, and the grey line displays the moon like a normal clock. The best way to tell time with the clock is to draw an invisible line down the middle and where the day/night Sun and Moon are relative to this line indicates the in-game time.

For example, at dawn, the left half is blue and the right half is black. The yellow line is at the bottom left and the grey line is at the bottom right. At noon, it is blue with a yellow line straight up. At dusk, it would have a left side black and right side blue. The grey line is at the bottom left and the yellow line is at the bottom right. The last one is at bid night. It is black with a grey line in the middle. Another thing to consider is that you can fall asleep a couple seconds after the clock shows it is dusk. The clock doesn’t work in the end or the nether and only works in the overworld.

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