How to make a custom match in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
custom match in fortnite

Custom match in fortnite

For the custom match in fortnite First, I’m going to explain how to create a custom match. Before we begin, i wanted to make it clear, that in order to create a custom match, you will need an active support-a-creator code.

The first thing you have going to do is click on change the game mode. You’ll see custom key, you’re going to click on this. Then, as long as you have a active supported creator code, you can enter a code. Next, you have to select the game mode. For example, you can choose trios solid gold. So, if you don’t have a full trio for this game mode and you’re playing with people from your live stream or whatever, you’re doing. If you want to fill, you can have this on, but if you don’t want to fill you just click it, it’ll turn it off. Next, you’re in click on play, as long as the code was not taken by anyone else. So, don’t fill parts going to be grayed out, you can only change this prior to starting the custom. If for any reason, you need to cancel you, just click on this.

How to join a custom match?

Second, I’m going to tell you how to join a custom match. Let’s say, you’re joining a streamers custom. It’s literally the same way. You click on change, you go down a custom key again, you enter the custom code. Make sure your code is identical to the streamers code. Once, you’ve entered the code, you’re gonna hit accept and then you’re gonna select on the game mode. Let’s say they have solos chosenm you’re gonna click on that and then you’re just gonna tap on play. For example, it’s you and the streamer – it showed a number two and your elapsed time. That’s how much time has passed since you’ve joined the custom. In your case, if you’re joining a custom, you’re not going to have the start match option, just ignore that.

How to create a custom creative match? You’re going to do the same things. Then you’re going to either find your map in discover mode or you can go to your library and then select your favorite. If you have the the island code, you can enter it. Make sure it’s on public, because if it’s on private, people are not able to join. They won’t be able to join the actual map itself. They’ll be able to queue up, but they can’t join the map.

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