How to Make a Minecraft Compass?

by Dealon Brounx
How to Make a Minecraft Compass

So, what is the purpose of the compass in Minecraft? In this guide, I will explain how to obtain a compass. How to use a compass. How it interacts with the lodestone and villagers’ compass trading. There are some differences in the Bedrock edition’s maps and villagers’ training.

How to Get the Compass 

In this pattern, the crafting formula for the compass in the crafting table is four iron ingots and a bit of redstone dust. This will result in the creation of a compass. The compass is also available in three prize containers. The first is a shipwreck map chest. The shipwreck can be found in the biomes ocean beach and snowy beach. Moreover, it can also be found lying down, standing up, or upside down. Because there could be missing ship parts, this box might not be on the ship rack. The map chest is located in the lower area of the wreckage. There is a 7.7 percent chance that this chest contains a compass.

A compass has a 10.9 percent chance of appearing in the stronghold library chest. Strongholds are underground constructions that can be found thousands of blocks apart. In the stronghold, there will be a library where you can obtain a compass. The last one is in the village, at the house of the cartographer. A compass has a 26.3 percent chance of appearing. You can also trade with the fourth-level expert level librarian. There is a 50% chance that they will exchange four emeralds for a compass.

Compass uses

How to Read a Compass? The compass directs you to the world spawn, which is where you begin the game. If you’re in another dimension, such as the nether or the end, the compass will point at random. If you want the compass to point to a certain location.

Loadstone and Compass

It can use in conjunction with a loadstone. Combining a netherride ingot with a carved stone brick yields a lodestone. The lodestone is also certain to be in the bridge chest in the bastion. Piglens and piglet brutes will occupy the bastion remnant. Piglens will come after you. The pickled brute will attack you if you are not wearing gold armor or opening a chest. Lodestone will appear to be enchanted and will point to that lodestone, when you click a compass on a lodestone. This is applicable in any dimension.

If you utilize it outside of the dimension in which the lodestone is located, the compass will begin to point arbitrarily. The curse of disappearing can also be cast on the compass. The curse of disappearing is an item that causes it to vanish when you die. In the crafting table, the compass is also part of the crafting formula for a map. Eight pieces of paper and a compass will be used to make an empty map.

What is a Loadstone

if the lodestone is broken, the compass will spin around

The lodestone serves as a marker. After you’ve placed a lodestone, you can use a compass to right-click on it. A compass will point in the general direction of the lodestone. This works in all dimensions, so you can put it at the end of the overworld or the nether and it will point to the lodestone. This is an excellent addition to the game. Instead of remembering coordinates or Minecraft geography, you can lay a lodestone near a landmark and use the compass to lead you. Finally, if the lodestone is broken, the compass will spin around without pointing in any direction.

Compass trades and Villagers

The compass is also useful in village transactions. You can conduct two trades with the cartographer involving compasses. The first level is that of an apprentice, which is the second level. A trade of 13 emeralds and a compass is available for an ocean explorer map. The Ocean Explorer map will point you in the direction of the nearest ocean monument. The second trade, which is the third level, is at the journeyman level. A woods explorer map can be obtained for 14 emeralds and a compass. This map will take you to the forest mansion. Keep in mind that these maps are based on the nearest structure to the villagers, therefore the villagers will continue to give you the same map until you move that villager.

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