How to make a pumpkin pie Minecraft?

by Dealon Brounx
make a pumpkin pie Minecraft

In this article, I want to explain how to make pumpkin pie in Minecraft. Pumpkin pie functions as a normal food item, with a single pie being eaten once, unlike cake, which needs to be placed on a block before consumption. Pumpkin pies restore 4 hunger points per pie, so without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to make a pumpkin pie Minecraft?

Step 1: make a crafting table. Step 2: get a pumpkin. As far as acquiring a pumpkin goes, it can grow almost anywhere so long as there is a grass block, but your best chances might be looking in tiger or snowy tiger villages where pumpkins are grown instead of hay bales due to the climate. Step 3: make sugar by using sugar cane. Step 4: Get an egg. The egg can be acquired easily if you have access to chickens. Having a chicken farm will make acquiring multiple eggs an easy prospect. Step five: Put all the three recipes in the order shown. Step six: Move the pumpkin pie to your inventory. Congratulations! You have successfully made a pumpkin pie in Minecraft.

How to make a Carved pumpkin in Minecraft?

Your first order of business is to locate pumpkins. Sometimes they are found in communities, while other times they are found growing naturally in the overworld. Not in the savanna, but more like the grasslands and woodlands of other biomes. Pumpkins can be found there, and you can more or less stumble across them randomly. That’s where you can look. Villages are, of course, yet another fantastic location. You can get the seed out of them, and you can also grow them, but let’s suppose that you’ve already completed the tasks that were necessary. You’ve got your pumpkin. Putting that in position is the next step for you to take. When I first started playing Minecraft, the only pumpkins you could find were carved ones.

Why do you need that?

They were just called pumpkins but the thing is you can’t actually craft a carved pumpkin. They have a very interesting way of being made. Sometimes it’s easier to make them before you come back, because it’s also a good way to get seeds. It’s because sometimes the way it used to be seeds, you put them in the crafting table and you can get seeds like that but that’s not the best way anymore. What you’re going to do instead is take two iron ingots, put them on the crafting table almost anywhere and right click it gives the exact same amount.

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