How to make a shovel in Minecraft?

by Dealon Brounx
How to make a shovel in Minecraft

How to make a shovel in Minecraft? The crafting of the shovel is very simple. You just need a couple of sticks and then on a wood plank. If you want a wooden shovel, you can do the same for a stone shovel but use cobblestone or if you have it, you can also use blackstone, so that works as well. If you want to go up another step, you need iron ingots. You’ve got your iron shovel and then we’ve got the golden shovel with a gold ingot and then above that we’ve got the diamond shovel with a diamond. If you want to upgrade it to netherite, you need a smithing table. You need to take your diamond shovel and add another right ingot and you’ve got a netherright shovel.

How to find a shovel in Minecraft?

There are some other ways you can obtain a shovel in chests. You can find iron shovels in villages in the tool smith’s chest. Also, you can also find enchanted iron shovels in the end city as well as enchanted diamond shovels. Then, you can find enchanted golden shovels in ruined portals. You can just get a plain old diamond shovel in a bastion remnant. That’s Java edition only. You can also get damaged enchanted diamond shovels from a bastion remnant. There is a chance, a very small chance that you can get shovels from zombies and husks with looting or without looting, but you are very unlikely because there’s quite often less than a one percent chance of getting a shovel.

Why do you need to make a shovel in Minecraft?

The shovel does have some uses. You can put out a fire on a campfire. Just right click and it’s out. You can also use a shovel to make grass path blocks, so you just right click and there is the path in 1.17. You’re going to be able to make path blocks which are no longer going to be called grass paths; they’re going to be called dirt path blocks. You can do it on dirt, you can do it on coarse dirt, you can do it on mycelium, and shovels can also be used as weapons. They’re not very powerful weapons, but they are usable as weapons and java edition There is a speed modifier, which means it takes one second to recover, but there is no recovery time in bedrock edition.

How to repair a shovel?

You can repair a shovel with the crafting table, of course. Also, you can just combine two of the same and you get one. You can also use an anvil. For example, if you want to repair this, you can put an iron ingot in there and you’ve got a repaired shovel. Or you can use a grindstone.If you’re using an anvil, it does take xp. Now, with an anvil or a grindstone, you can get a repaired stone shovel, but if you try to do it with enchanted shovels, you will lose the enchantments.

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