How to make a sticky piston in Minecraft?

by Dealon Brounx
make a sticky piston in Minecraft

In this article, I want to expalain you how to make a sticky piston in Minecraft.

How to make it properly?

First of all, you need a crafting table, then you need planks of any kind, cobblestone, redstone, and iron. Of course, planks you get from harvesting trees, not those here using an axe, put down a crafting table that gives you the planks, you know, a couple stones you get from mining underground, the pickaxe redstone you get from mining deep underground, what is it below level 30 or something 

I always go down to eight to mine for him, but you know, and iron, which you get pretty much any level from mining as well. You can forget one thing, actually, slime, which you get from killing slimes. These slime balls. So take the cobblestone boom boom boom boom, take the redstone boom, take the iron boom. Then you have yourpiston pull that out and put it right back in and take one slime ball and put it on top of the sticky piston. Yeah, that’s pretty cool right? I like what you can do with them.

Anyways, that’s the sticky piston. That’s how you make it. If you’re wanting to know a good way to get slime balls, I think the best way is just to go find a swamp biome and go up hunting at night. Make sure you have a sword with looting three on it because when you kill a slime with looting three on it, you have a chance of getting extra slime. A lot of extra slime. That’s pretty important anyways. That’s it.

Also, I want to tell you how to make a sticky piston trap.

First off, you’ve got to make a whole eight-long and six-wide hole. After that step is done, place a sticky piston on the edge of the dirt to break all the blocks behind. Then you place the redstone torches all across the ones behind the pistons and the redstone repeaters right behind the tote of redstone torches. As you do this, it makes the redstone torches, after a while, a full redstone. It makes the redstone torches a negative.

So you could do it with your friends. You could make like a long tunnel and put the two chests at the end. And if there’s like a back wall back here, you could put a torch here. They’ll fall down. But if you really want to make it deadly, you got to put like lava or some type of harmful thing. So if you put this in the sand by them or desert by them, and then just your friend to be like stuck in the lava.

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