How to make chains in Minecraft?

by Dealon Brounx
How to make chains in Minecraft

How to make chains in Minecraft? So one of the cool things that have been added to Minecraft are chains and you can craft them and they’re awesome. So I want to explain you how to craft or make chains. It’s very simple and you don’t even have to be in another world. So, you have to be in the overworld in a way, because you have to use iron and iron, of course, you know your iron from iron ore.

So, how to make chains?

So you’ve got iron nuggets but you need two of them and one iron ingot. Then you have to have a crafting table, so you come to the crafting table and all you do is put an iron nugget on the bottom and on the top and you put one iron ingot in the middle. That gives you a chain. They can only go one way. So if you place them like this, it doesn’t work from side to side, kind of like a fence in a way. It’s like as if glass planes didn’t connect, you know, they can only go up and down, but I mean, it’s really cool that you can even do that.

The reason why I think they should change is because, see, they’re solid blocks. I think it’d be cool if you could go up to them and press space bar and go climb up them like you could a ladder. You can’t, but it’d be cool if you could Yeah, so I like to do, of course, I like to put lanterns on the bottom of them. Suppose we had some coming out like this, with a cool chain coming down and at the bottom. Look at that. It’s totally epic. I love it. It’s going to make some cool adventure maps with this. I have to look at that. Or you know, you can even have them go up, which kind of doesn’t make sense because chains will go down.

In Minecraft, there’s an innovative way to use chains.

There is a little experiment. You just have to get yourself some water. I just came to the water from the ocean area. Then put the chains down and use the glowstone. Then come on, go on top there. You will see that it’s floating and coming up with the chains. You can even like make it look like a minefield or something like a floating minefield isn’t that cool. Of course, you really could make it a minefield in a matter of speaking. It’s just that it’s in water, so it’s not really gon na blow up.

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