How to make charcoal in Minecraft?

by Dealon Brounx
How to make charcoal in Minecraft

Charcoal is especially useful in Minecraft in the beginning and you can use in other times you can use charcoal and other aspects as well. So, I want to expalin you how to make charcoal in Minecraft.

The recipe for making charcoal in Minecraft

It’s quite simple really. What you need to do is just come here and find trees and take an axe, or you can just use your hand if you have just barely started. You have to cut down some old logs here. Then put an oak log and let’s make a crafting table. You’re going to have to have cobblestone to make a furnace. Put that furnace down and get some oak leaves or planks to use as fuel. You know, any log will work, you know jungle, whatever. Then take the logs and put them on the other side of the furnace and let them cook. What that is doing is making charcoal.

In many ways and at the same time, charcoal is extremely comparable to coal. It’s pretty much exactly the same, but there are always going to be some players who are superior in some facets of the game at certain points in time. Let’s talk about this some more. Charcoal is preferable to coal when you are just starting out in your survival world, but this is only my opinion and only when you are just starting out because it is easier to get because it is typically easier to find logs. Coal is preferable to charcoal when you are further along in your survival world.

One of the ways of using charcoal in Minecraft

Later on in the game, as you upgrade your technology, it flips over and coal becomes more efficient than charcoal. So for me, after I’ve done all the ways and I’ve got a good mining system going, especially when I’ve got a diamond pickaxe with fortune 3. I mean, you’ll go down in a single mining spree and come back with like six coal taxes. But sometimes I do. That’s the same as sixty or four stacks of sixty-four logs. But the thing is, I come up with coal diamonds, redstone gold, all the good stuff, you know, and that’s the basic idea.

Now that you know how to make charcoal, all you have to do is place the logs in the furnace. Charcoal, as I previously mentioned, is most useful in the beginning, when you are just beginning the game. However, once you have a solid mining system established, you won’t really need charcoal any longer. It is wiser to choose for coal.

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