How to make Ender Crystals in Minecraft

by Dealon Brounx
How to make Ender Crystals in Minecraft

Wondering how to make Ender Crystals and what it does in Minecraft? This guide will teach you how to use the end crystal in Minecraft. 

The purpose of Ender Crystal

So let’s first talk about what the purpose of the end or ender crystal is. Crystals generate on obsidian pillars in the end. Sometimes these end crystals are surrounded by iron bars, creating cages. They recharge the health of the ender dragon. When the ender dragon is within 32 blocks of the nearest crystal, it will recharge its health by having beams hit the ender dragon. It restores the ender dragon by one health for a half second. The beams from the end crystal cannot be obstructed nor diminished by entities or blocks in the way. If you want to kill the Ender Dragon, you should probably destroy the end crystals.

So the explosive damage of an end crystal is equivalent to a charged creeper and 50% more than TNT, so when attacked or damaged, the end crystal will explode. These attacks can cause no damage but still result in the end crystal exploding. You can walk through end crystals without them exploding. Firework explosions Fireworks fired from crossbows and fireworks launched do not cause the end crystal to explode. If an end crystal is pushed by a piston, it will be moved in and then caused to explode. On hard difficulty, the end crystals’ explosive damage will increase. This makes withered ender dragons and players with fully enchanted diamond armor easier to kill.

How to craft an Ender Crystals in Minecraft

The recipe for the ender crystal in the crafting table is seven pieces of glass gassed and an eye of ender. If you don’t know the recipe for the eye of ender, it is a blaze powder and an ender pearl. Crystals have to be placed on obsidian or bedrock with two blocks of air above them. The last thing is, if you put four end crystals on the exit portal in the end, one on each of the flat sides, this will resurrect the ender dragon and respawn all the end crystals. Resembling the end crystals causes the tops of the obsidian pillars to explode, destroying any player placed blocks.

How to use an Ender Crystals in PVP

The biggest use of the end crystal is the fact that it’s completely deadly and is perfect for PVP. Why end crystal pvp really one of the simplest ways to kill your opponent? Of course, that blast of the end crystal can kill anyone with no armor on, but with full netherright blast protection you can still die. You can survive the explosion in blast protection for armor, but only if you’re a little bit away from it. So with the way that explosions give damage in minecraft, the top half of the player doesn’t receive very much damage at all, but the bottom half of the player receives most of the damage. So if you can protect the bottom half of your player and have the top half still be exposed

On anarchy servers, there’s often very large areas where there’s no blocks that are even existent anymore except for the bedrock at the bottom of the world. Because you can place end crystals on bedrock, it makes it a super good place to kill players with end crystals as you don’t have to place down a block to explode it. But if you’re not in an area where there’s exposed bedrock, here’s what you basically want to do. You only want to have one end crystal in your inventory so that if you do get killed by it, the player that grabs it.

Craftig recipe of Ender Crystals Display

You can use Ender Crystals as decoration

So one thing you can do is place some blocks, just to make a base for your display. Then in the middle, place a piece of obsidian, surround this in some glass if you’d like. Or whatever you’d like really, but of course glass is something that you’d want to use Then place your end crystal. Then you can put the top up with maybe some stairs, some slabs, whatever you’d really like, but just something to make kind of a cool looking display case and place a solid block at the top there.

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