How to make glass bottles in Minecraft?

by Dealon Brounx
How to make glass bottles in Minecraft

How to make glass bottles in Minecraft? In this article, I want to go you through all the basics of how you can make glass bottles in Minecraft. We will go through all the basics of how you can make glass bottles and believe me, it is very easy. Come on to our first step, which is to find some cobblestone as well as some coal.

The recipe to make glass bottles in Minecraft

So you at least need a total of eight cobblestone blocks and you can consider one piece of coal enough, so once you have got that, just quickly run where your crafting table is. First of all, we are going to make ourselves a furnace. To make a furnace, you need to place the cobblestones first. So that will give you your furnace and you can always use the recipe book if you ever forget the recipe. So once you have made yourself a furnace, quickly go and grab some sand. Let me be very clear that you just think that one sand will give you one glass bottle, so if you want, you can collect as much sand as you want or you can just count them and then it will be very beneficial afterwards.

After that, you have to smelt this sand, and you will not believe it if you are smelting sand for the first time that smelting sand will give you some glass blocks. You can see that here we have just got ourselves a glass block. Don’t try to break it because if you try to break it, you will not get it back until you have silk touch applied in your pickaxe. As I mentioned before, one glass will give you one bottle, but the minimum quantity of making glass bottles is three, so you at least need three glass blocks. When you place them inside your crafting table just like this, it will give you some glass bottles.

Why do you need to make glass bottles?

This was the recipe for making the glass bottles and I want to explain how you can use them by just saying that if you know that it is a glass bottle, you can always carry some liquids in it. They will be in a stacked form, meaning that they are not separated until you fill the water. You cannot just merge them anymore.

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